Living Your Gifts

I was inspired to write this article after viewing a motivational video which never aired on Family Feud.

So many of us have a difficult time identifying our gifts for we never receive instruction on how to release those latent talents that are locked in each of our hearts and which only each one of us can liberate.

Often, we feel that our talents need to be grand. When, in fact, they are what comes naturally to us. We tend to be dismissive because we perform it so effortlessly, causing us to overlook our talent. We tell ourselves there has to be something we are missing.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God”.

 —Leo Buscaglia

However, did you happen to see the expression of delight on your family’s faces as they tasted the delicious meal you prepared? Did you notice how happy you made the unemployed father when you left the bag of groceries for him to find so he could feed his family? Did you catch the lady behind you in line as she wiped the tears from her eyes after you unexpectedly purchased her meal? When you do what comes naturally to you, bringing love and happiness to others, there is no better gift to share.

“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What is a sun dial in the shade?”

 —Benjamin Franklin

Do not overthink it. Your gifts are what please you. It is what you love doing. You do not have to be musically or artistically inclined. If you like to drive, enjoy fixing things, taking care of children, or are consistently sought after for advice, then there lies your joy. When you do what you love, you spread happiness to others, changing the world and yourself in the process. What is more, you wake up excited to be alive.

“True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.”

—John W. Gardner

If you do not feel radiantly alive every day being who you are and doing what you do, perhaps it is time to consider what it would take to do so. When you live in your gifts, you involuntarily give gratitude for the success and tremendous blessings bestowed upon you. Moreover, as you unlock your talents in the stillness of your heart, you will experience incredible joy, love, harmony, peace of mind, and serenity.

Which gifts are you overlooking?

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