Loved for No Reason

What if you genuinely believed that you are loved for no reason? How will your life change?

Ponder that for a moment.

Can you feel the enormity of it?

You need not prove your worthiness or validate your existence—just being is more than enough. You experienced that when you were born. Is there a greater love than a mother’s love for her newborn? On a spiritual level, God’s love is boundless. When you feel God’s love, it is an overwhelming and humbling experience, bringing me to tears—of happiness.

When you believe you are loved for no reason, you also open the door to receive for no reason. Notice where you place your energy. Are you consciously receiving? See the gift; see the beauty that surrounds you. Relax into it. Know that you do not have to earn love or the blessings which Providence provides. When you live allowing and receiving all of the love, soulfulness, and harmony that abounds, grace flows.

Allow yourself to receive what you already have. Feel what is around you, with you, in you. Surrender your sense of separation. Relinquish your story of being unloved for you are dearly cherished, always have been, always will be. Surrender your reticence and doubt. Open your heart and allow the love you house within to flood your being. That will silence the crippling mental chatter, for it cannot exist where unconditional love abides. You do not need to depend on anyone or anything to experience it, all you need is you—just as you are—for it resides deep within you. It is a state of being.

Armed with that belief, has it enabled you to recapture the idealism of your youth? What will you do with your newly found enthusiasm and joie de vivre?

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