Walking You Home

Are you willing to speak your truth, to stand up for what you believe, and to see everyone as one?

Then come with me, I shall walk you home.

Your task on this journey is to discover your infinite nature—to find your eternity.

Are you courageous enough to continue? It is not an easy task. You will have to face your raw truth, unearthing those parts of you that you buried deep within you. That is never painless. You will shed tears, a catharsis for releasing the unwept tears of your ancestors. As Daan van Kampenhout tells us in his book, The Tears of the Ancestors, those tears carry forward through generations, never disappearing when the individual dies. After the release, allow the light present in the darkness to shine. It is never far; the dawn of creation is present, always ready to illuminate the shadows of your deepest fears. You cannot avoid it. Why? You are the light, for you are an expression of God. You can ignore it or even forget about it. Yet, just as the sun never ceases to be, even on the cloudiest of days, it is ever-present. The sun always is. Have you ever doubted it?  Then why do you distrust yourself?

As such, you are love, and love is the most powerful force there is. Do you realize the power you have? Take a moment to consider that.

It is time to dispel the night with gratitude and appreciation; it served its purpose. You no longer need it. You are ready.

You have been living in a waking dream under the spell of the night (struggle, anxiety, fear, dissatisfaction, frustration). Your consciousness is primed for the grand awakening, a time to go within to explore your inner landscape. As you valiantly go forth, discovering the wisdom that is there, you bring it forward, manifesting it into your life and the world in a way that serves humanity.

Breathe in the light; radiate its love. Create beauty and form around you as you transform the three dreams of love, death, and safety. Discard the belief that you depend on another person for love. You are love. Thus, you already possess that which you seek. Second, release the fear of dying for death is returning to your eternal state. Third, dispel the notion that others provide your safety. Only you can make yourself feel secure. Do not bestow that power to others.

Flow with the natural exchange of giving and taking. Remember, what you do or do not do for another, you do or do not do for yourself. Everything is interconnected. It is a cyclical relationship. If you align your personal needs with those of the community and nature by giving each time you take, then the world becomes balanced.

Say yes to yourself, to Source, to your heart, for deep within your heart is the Divine Spark desiring to grow ever brighter. Recall that you are your breath. As a newborn, you inhaled your first breath; when you die, you exhale your last. God breathed life into you. Your breath is symbolic of the Creator. Embrace your divine nature.

Use the tools in your arsenal—love, compassion, kindness, and wisdom—to find your way home.

Are you ready?

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