Altiora Peto® Visions

Altiora Peto® means to seek higher. It is a call for personal mastery, unceasingly trying to be better than whom you were, of transforming, of living your truth. You are continually evolving and can always seek higher.

Altiora Peto® Visions is a personal transformation and empowerment coaching services company committed to making a difference, impacting the world, enriching and enhancing lives, and spreading enlightened ways of thinking.

Learning the ancient wisdom of manifesting desires prompted me to ask, “Why are not these principles taught?

I desire that you recognize your innate powers and have the necessary processes to master your beliefs. Knowing how to harness the power of these laws will assist you in fulfilling your dreams consistently.

I shall guide you home to 1) reconnect with your essence; 2) weave your soul into the tapestry of your life by daily embracing your authentic self; 3) recognize the root cause of why you have not manifested your dreams; 4) harness the universal laws’ power to achieve what your heart desires.

Everyone can be successful.

It is never too late to follow your dreams, to live passionately, purposefully, prosperously.

There is no time like the present.

It will be my privilege to walk you home.

We guide everyone drawn to Altiora Peto® to live up to their highest potential, become all they can be, and achieve their grandest dreams.

Premise: everyone can be successful and achieve the seemingly unattainable by merely intending to do so, aligning with their truth, merging thought with emotion, and taking inspired action.

Altiora Peto® Visions transforms lives all over the world.

Elena Goycoechea
Elena Goycoechea is a successful life coach, certified in Law of Attraction, and an avid self-transcendence teacher. Her more than thirty years of experience in corporate America, managing and advising high-level executives, laid the foundation, and prepared her for her life’s work.