The Road Not Taken

If you were to depart this life tomorrow, would you regret the road not taken?

You know the one, the road you would have traveled if you had not placed your dreams on the top shelf of your closet. The path you told yourself is off limits until the children grow, you regain your health, or you get the promotion. When, in reality, you are just hiding from yourself.

You have been living in the shadows for so long, amongst the fears and doubts, that you cannot remember who you are. Catching your reflection in a mirror startles you as you glimpse the shell of who you once were.

How long has it been since you tucked your dreams away?

“Regret is the only wound from which the soul never recovers.”
– Sarah Ban Breathnach

Is it not time to dust them off and begin living for you not for what others think or say? Is it not time to stop settling for less?

Put your fears behind you. Look deep inside for what makes you happy. Courageously step forward. Your time is now. Begin living in the moment, your moment.

So, are you ready? Are you prepared to live YOUR life, to leave your legacy? You owe it to yourself, to others to give them the opportunity to change.

Are you ready to embark on the road not taken? Can you embrace success?

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