The Place of Your Becoming

You have been handed a book with your name inscribed in gold letters on the spine. As you look up at the two luminous beings who handed it to you, they invite you to open it.

You begin to read what is there. How are you feeling? Are you happy? Do you like what you are reading? Is it a life you wish to live?

If not, you can edit as you see fit. As you continue to turn the pages, you notice some are blank. Receiving encouragement, you take pen in hand to write your story, for if you do not, you will live out what others have written. Seize the opportunity to create your destiny. Otherwise, you will be subject to fate.

How do you wish to make a difference? Ask the luminous beings, your spiritual parents, to remind you of the sacred contract you made with God, the Creator.

How are you meant to be of service?

Forget all your preconceived ideas about how you wish to leave your soul print. Allow new images to flash before you. Allow the new chapter to unfold. Record the insights, feelings, emotions that are surfacing. You are creating the next chapter of your storyline. Embrace it; let it flow.

How are you becoming?

You can change your story at any point. You are not stuck with it, for you have a beautiful gift – that of free will.

Feeling satisfied with what you have recorded, you set the pen down, and close the book. As you get up from the table, you hand it to the luminous beings to place on the shelf. You thank them for their guidance. Turning to leave, you feel enveloped in an overwhelming expression of love. It is so palpable that you shed tears of joy for you remember how it feels to be in the Presence of Love, pure unadulterated love. You are that love for God is within you. You are within God—you are one. Armed with the knowledge you gained, you nod in gratitude and appreciation to your spiritual parents.

Now, how are you becoming? Begin, knowing you can return anytime to make whatever changes you desire.

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