THE POWER OF WHY Feel It in Your Bones

What prompted you to begin that business, ask that question, or behave in that manner? Did someone trigger your actions or are they a result of past, unresolved issues?

I was recently guided to delve deeply into my intentions and ask some probing questions. I had to come to terms with where I am. Doing so aided me in discovering hidden agendas and discarding what was no longer useful. It allowed me to gain clarity, tie up loose ends, make amends, and close the door behind me. I needed to set myself free. I could not move forward if I had unfinished business. I received the gift of having what no longer worked taken from me to leave the truest parts of my Self to remain. But, first, I had to feel my “why” in my bones.

“If one’s motives are wrong, nothing can be right.” – G. Washington Carver

There is great power in understanding motive. Not many people understand this. The motive is not something on which we usually focus. Despite often hearing how intention and emotion are what set manifestation in motion, it is still the most difficult concept to embrace.

“What makes life dreary is want of motive.” — George Eliot

Being clear about your “why” is the key to fulfillment. When you know, when you feel it in your bones, your intention becomes a magnet for miracles. To manifest anything into your life, you must first think about something, then feel it, and finally, act on it. That process is frequently unconscious. You perform it automatically. However, when you are aware of your reasons, you harness the power of your why, defining the nature of your experience. Your intention, or why, is the life-force energy within the seed, giving it life and holding the potential for growth.

The motive provides another hidden treasure. When you delve in introspection asking Why do I feel like this? Or, why did I say that? Your intuition provides clues about yourself and others. When you reflect on the reasons for your actions, you gain a thorough understanding of your needs and how to meet them. That and the miracles you create are the hidden treasures of discerning your motives.

Are you ready to ask yourself the most powerful question you can? Do you wish to learn about yourself, your values, and what is important to you?

Go ahead, ask Why? Feel it in your bones.

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