It Is All About You!

It is all about you. YOU. Breathe that in, feeling it in your heart. Visualize light permeating every cell in your body.

Stay in your heart. Know that it is about realizing who you are. It is about discovering the core issues rather than focusing on the symptoms of your dissatisfaction. It is about aligning yourself with your soul, about trusting your intuition, about living your purpose.


Are you willing to go beyond—to receive more, to be who you have not allowed yourself to become, to finally release the fear? Are you ready to embrace the love inherent within you that is not dependent on any external circumstances? Are you prepared to radiate this love to everyone and everything?

Then, with an open mind and heart, free yourself from habitual patterns of thought and emotional blockages. Remember your true nature. Cease identifying with your physical form and begin communing with your higher self to become your best version of you.

See yourself living your ideal life. Who have you become? What skills have you needed to acquire? What is a typical day? How does it feel? Is it everything you desire, or do you need to make adjustments?

Is your vision clearer? Did any dreams surface of which you had forgotten? How will you incorporate those desires into your life?

Have you accepted who you are becoming? Something Lisa Nichols said recently resonated with me: The issues you face are because you have been who you are longer than who you are becoming. Be kind to yourself. As you question your beliefs–is this still true for me? —you come into your own, expanding, remembering, blending with your higher self, anchoring its wisdom.

Paradox: What was true a moment ago, may not be true this moment. What was false a moment ago, may not be false this moment.

Do you visualize yourself living an abundant, engaging, and meaningful life?

Now go after it! Love where you are. Embrace and celebrate your achievements and missteps. Get to know yourself. Be comfortable in your skin. It is about your spiritual growth, personal development, and freedom.

It is all about you!

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