Not As Hard As You Think

Can it be that simple?

Is it all a matter of choice, of taking personal responsibility for our lives, of making mindful decisions? YES! Although it may not seem so, at times, because of our conditioning, it is indeed that simple. It’s not as hard as we make it be.

If we but pay attention to our thoughts, feelings, words, as well as the intuitive messages we receive daily, we would bring about our dreams quicker.

So, why are we struggling? For the most part, we are learning how to think for ourselves. Most of our beliefs are those we’ve adopted from others: our parents, society, religion, or culture. Do we even know who we are?

A great exercise to free us of this is to honestly look at our convictions, one at a time, and ask ourselves if it is ours. If it’s not, whose is it? Followed by: do I wish to continue to believe this?

The more we are curious about ourselves–our habits, views, or fears—the better we can elect how we desire our life to be. Thereupon, we can identify and discard whatever does not resonate with our highest good.

That simple exercise aids us in discovering our truths, clarifying our desires, finding our voice, and living with honesty and integrity (to ourselves by being who we are). Despite what is happening around or to us, we must remain faithful to ourselves for every action matters.

When we are true to our essence, everyone benefits because we excel in our lives, continue to develop spiritually, and thus enlighten others in our path for we are all connected.

Additionally, if we try to find ways to be joyful, no matter the circumstances, we accelerate our learning and reap the rewards sooner for we shall be listening to our soul and not our ego.

The Law of Attraction is more than fulfilling our dreams. It is about coming home to who we are. It is about reconnecting with our essence and aligning our desires with those of our soul to live our calling. It is about dispensing with the illusion of separation. It is about rediscovering the Divine Spark within each one of us. It is about reuniting with God, Source, All-That-Is. Once we do, the gift we receive in the process is abundance.

When you come right down to it, it is about being true to yourself. That’s it. Can it be any easier?

What will it take for you to live authentically?

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