Surrendering to the Power of the Universe

Can it be? Do we resist that which we desire so much? We create most of our obstacles because we place barriers to love. Incredible, isn’t?

The next time you are feeling fantastic, and everything is going your way, see if you catch the fear creeping up. What if it doesn’t last? There, you’ve voiced your concern.

I don’t have to remind you what happens when you do. Energy flows where your attention goes. Limiting beliefs chip slowly at your happiness, the very joy for which you desperately strived.

Why then, if we seek love in our lives, do we shy from it? Simple, the answer lies in our belief system. We have grown up thinking that struggle is necessary for success. We rely on external things or people to provide love or a sense of accomplishment. We cannot fathom that we can have all we desire by joyfully living in harmony with our true nature, our essence. It is too easy. So, we let our fears drive us away from the light and into the darkness. At the heart of these concerns, is the belief that we do not deserve such happiness. That became the foundation of our lives for we do not feel worthy of love.

Fear has become our safety net. We are comfortable with it— “better the devil we know.” We feel secure. We do not wish to relinquish control for by accepting love we are surrendering to the power of the Universe.

Acknowledge the thoughts that surfaced as you’ve read this far. Don’t judge them or yourself. Forgive yourself for your past and future inconsistencies. Be open to new ideas and possibilities. Welcome them. Release old patterns of behavior. See what blocks you from being in harmony with the energy of love. Adopt new beliefs that are congruent with who you are now. Be patient. Trust that the Universe supports you.

There is a passage in A Course in Miracles that reads: “The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength.”

When we understand that our strength comes from our alignment with love, we begin to connect with God, with Pure Love. We destroy the illusion of separation for we can never be apart from Source, who is within each one of us. When we surrender to the Universe, to a power higher than ourselves, we receive what we need exactly. Synchronicity, guidance, healing, opportunities, and miracles will be daily occurrences.

If you but remember that “projection is perception,” you will quickly steer yourself out of fear and align with Pure Love, feeling supported and happy. Begin to focus on empowering thoughts. Make it a habit by practicing daily. Doing so not only connects you to the Universe but also raises your mood, your energy, and makes you feel good, elevating your power. In other words, you attract miracles. Thus, your power lies in your presence.

Now that you know where your strength is, you can regain it at a moment’s notice by choosing positive, empowered thoughts and minding your beliefs. When fear surfaces, you know you are not relying on the Universe. Witness your disconnection and decide to return to love. Shift your vibration by asking: What can I give in this moment? Learn to recognize how connection versus disconnection feels. Be self-forgiving and surrender.

What do you desire today? Allow your true self, your essence, to express itself.

How are your beliefs and stories dictating your experiences?

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