Are You Listening?

How often have you heard that like attracts like, that you are the creator of your life? Or, mind your thoughts, words, deeds, and attitudes for these become what you live. I’m sure more than you’ve cared to know, but are you listening?

We understand these concepts superficially, but when it comes to putting them into practice, we haven’t quite mastered them. Why only the other day, I caught myself, paused, and asked: What is this situation bringing to the surface?

For the most part, we tend to apply the universal laws, or so we think, but when the bills are due, or a deadline draws near, our doubts and worries get the better of us. What’s worse, we don’t realize we get in our way or that we are the cause for the delay.

When we do not surrender our worries, the Universe cannot intervene on our behalf. Releasing our fears allows abundance to enter our lives freely. Our doubts hinder all the good we’ve done in applying the laws. The energy we give off with our anxieties repels the energy of prosperity. Is it any wonder that what we desire is slow in manifesting?

It has nothing to do with being undeserving, but all to do with focusing too much on the material world rather than on our higher or spiritual purpose of how our dream will serve others. When we set the intention behind what we desire in our lives, devote time and energy to attaining those aspirations, and make their achievement a priority, the Universe works its magic to meet our needs due to our diligence and determination to succeed.

Yes, it comes down to trusting and believing. When you understand that you are the only one that is holding you back, you will feel lighter, liberated.

Open to the possibilities that positive things can manifest into your life in every way, then acknowledge and appreciate them. When you connect to your inner-self, you create balance and harmony from within, keeping you from wallowing in the past or living in the future (the “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome). The key is to remain positive in attitude and outlook, while staying in the present moment, to rapidly produce positive outcomes and results.

By consciously making positive and productive choices, as well as clearing yourself of disempowering beliefs, you not only attain the love and happiness you desire but also create the life that resonates with your essence.

Listen and be grateful for your longings and discontents. That is how your soul guides you toward your Divine path. When you do, the Universe will provide an influx of abundance and success in your life. And, which is more, you will marvel at the ease with which everything presents itself in your life.

Are you listening, sincerely listening, to your heart?

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