Are You Hungry?

Do you hunger for the truth?

When we delve deep into our pain, willingly inviting it to stay to discover the beauty of its lessons, we embrace who we are. We become genuine by acknowledging and incorporating our shadows through love. In other words, we connect with our real selves.

It is an invitation to step outside what is familiar to us, to see the unknown as an ally rather than an enemy, to seize the opportunity for positive change.

When we recognize why we react in a certain way or feel certain emotions, we allow our vulnerability to emerge, trusting and opening ourselves to our essence. We communicate with the Divine within.

At times, we resist getting to know ourselves better. It is painful to tap willingly into our emotional wounds and choose to feel them consciously. It is easier to feel the effect of those hidden emotions as they erupt unconsciously through triggers rather than reliving them consciously to learn the beliefs or choices we made at that pivotal time in our lives, even if it involves personal and spiritual development. We fear susceptibility. We’ll do whatever it takes to avoid remembering that painful event.

We pay more attention to the voice of our ego than the whisperings of our heart. Don’t get me wrong. The ego plays a major role in our lives for it protects us from emotional pain. However, since our mind believes what we tell it, it is easy to enlist its help. All we need is to mind our beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, words, decisions, and choices.

The fundamental premise we need to acknowledge is: WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR LIVES. That is imperative. Without accepting this truth, we cannot advance. Moreover, nothing will change for it is up to us to CHOOSE what we wish to experience and do with our life.

To discover your truth, open your heart. Speak and act with kindness and love. Honor your heightened sensitivity for it will steer you toward making healthy changes in your lifestyle, career path, home, relationships, as well as your decisions.

“What matters is how quickly you do
what your soul directs.” –Rumi

When you open your heart, you will hear what your soul desires you to remember. Be still. Listen to your higher self. Engage your curiosity. Look for signs and synchronicities. Be alert to the revelations you receive intuitively. Follow your instincts, your inner-knowing. Live your personal truth.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is happenstance. Trust that all is, and will be, well even though the reason(s) may not be clear at this point. Release old doubts, fears, and perceived obstacles. Look forward to fantastic new opportunities as you explore the treasure of your wounds. Therein lies your passion, your triumph, your grace.

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