You Can Always Say NO!

Do you know how powerful you are?


Once you understand that, really understand it, you will never let someone else decide your fate or be subject to circumstances or situations. If you find yourself in a situation that is not in line with your wishes, you don’t have to accept it. You can always say no!

Can you feel the power?

You are in control. It is your choice. Therein lies your strength. You are free to choose. You decide how you desire to live. Never relinquish this for herein lies your success. Success depends on staying true to yourself. It is about not doing anything that does not resonate with or serve you.

Many of us feel that we must accept what life hands us. That is not what God or the Universe has in store for us. If it were so, we would not have free will. It is up to us to use our adversities as opportunities. Our so-called misfortunes are the very situations, which cause us the most turmoil. Surprisingly, our challenges involve our gifts. That is why it is a blessing. It is a lesson given to us by our Higher Self for our spiritual development. If we are not growing, we are not evolving to the next level.

Learning to manage fear plays a crucial role in living the life we desire. We can do so by discerning if the fear stems from the ego protecting us from emotional pain. Once we realize that the ego, although well-meaning, is keeping us from our dreams, we can move past trepidation. The key lies entirely in our ability to choose.

When you begin to rely more on your intuition rather than on external circumstances or people, you will experience inspiration, guidance, visions, and ideas to ponder and pursue for your highest good. Your senses heighten for you to attune to the messages you receive daily. Moreover, you become responsible for your choices and actions.

It is time to step into your sovereignty. Access the freedom which already resides inside you, inside each of us. Pure freedom never is found externally. It is not freedom from or to something or someone. You cannot obtain it from any person, place, or thing. It is already within you. It comes from being, from knowing who you are, from understanding you are loved and supported by God and the Universe. It comes from self-awareness.

Immerse yourself in the beauty around you. Appreciate your challenges and gifts. Shift your focus to what matters. Be comfortable with the knowledge that you are powerful—that you are in control—that you have a choice. You can always say NO!

How will you exercise your power for your highest good?

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