Making the Impossible Possible

Are your dreams unreasonable?

Do you find yourself limiting your ideas because of the circumstances in which you find yourself or on other people’s expectations?

Do you honestly BELIEVE you can achieve your goals? Your current lifestyle is an indication of the perceptions you have about your ability to attain your desires.

It’s time to dream BIG. It’s time to make the impossible possible. How do you ask? — by harnessing the power of your six mental faculties: imagination, intuition, memory, will, reason, and perception. Napoleon Hill first exposed this concept, and, most recently, Mary Morrissey.

Write down a desire you wish to manifest. Now ask yourself: is this dream based on what I think is possible to achieve because of my circumstances? Am I basing it on other’s expectations or limiting beliefs? Most importantly, do I honestly BELIEVE I can attain it?

Consider your life. If you wish to know how much abundance, love, well-being, and money you are allowing into your life, look at your results. What you are living is a direct consequence of your perceptions.

What do you BELIEVE about yourself?

Now consider a dream or goal you have not been able to achieve. Analyze what has kept you from allowing it. What story, excuses, have you been telling yourself as to why you are not living that ideal life?

You must do something different than what you have been doing to change your life. Einstein said that it is crazy to think you are going to get different results by doing the same things over and over. What reasoning are you employing? Do you know that previous results dictate reason?

Now take inventory of your life once more. What can you do that you are not doing that if you did would bring you that much closer to your dream? Sit with that a while. What can you do? Once you determine that step, commit to doing it for, say, fifteen minutes a day for thirty days consistently, consciously, confidently. At the end of that time, look at what has changed about you and, in turn, your life.

Employ your six faculties daily to bring this dream to life. Use your imagination to see yourself already possessing that which you desire. FEEL it! Don’t let go of that vision or feeling. Use your memory to reproduce that sensation into the future. Instead of using your memory to remember past events, use your memory to project images and emotions into the future. Use the power of your will to take consistent and repeated action within the framework of your dream. Command yourself, which is different than forcing, to stay fast on that course. Telling yourself something changes your beliefs while forcing yourself does not. You change your perception when you change your beliefs. Use the power of awareness to KNOW that what you desire to achieve is possible. Harness its power to see adversity as a means by which to adjust your course of action. Use it to remain steadfast, increase clarity and confidence.

Since our results are a direct reflection of our perceptions, what story can you begin to tell yourself to achieve your desired results? Harness the power of your reason. CHOOSE a new approach that empowers you.

And finally, enlist the guidance of your intuition. To quote Rumi, “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Follow its direction and apply its advice. Tap into your intuition daily. Consult it; don’t second guess it. The more you turn to its wisdom, the stronger it becomes. Intuition helps us to SENSE what course of action to take when we do not or cannot know the outcome of future events.

If you follow this formula faithfully, you will attain your desires and more. One more thing, keep your dreams to yourself in the beginning for they are fragile. Otherwise, you expose yourself to people’s disbelief, crushing your dreams. Appreciate and be grateful every step of the way. The more for which you are thankful, the more you will attain. I know that is not part of our mental faculties, but it is a critical step in manifestation.

Start where you are. Remember who you are. Tap into the light that you have in your heart. Declare: “I am ready to receive more consciousness, more light, to live as my true self and to know my identity throughout all states of consciousness.” Now remain open. Notice how you receive this gift.



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