In reading Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief, I learned that “when the cultured cells you are studying are ailing, you look first to the cell’s environment, not to the cell itself, for the cause.” Why does this concern us? Think about it.

In providing a healthy environment for ourselves, we thrive while if we do not, we falter. I am not only referring to our physical but our spiritual health as well. When we feel dissatisfied because we do not have the job, body, or financial position desired, we affect our environment for our external reality reflects our inner reality. As gene biology shows, cells respond to their environment. We also know that emotions affect our overall well-being. Since the human body has millions of cells, epigenetics adds a new dimension not only as to what we inherit from our parents but also, in my view, why our emotions have such an impact on our lives for emotions can cause or cure illnesses.

When we focus on what is right in our lives, we create a flourishing environment. Even if someone believes there is nothing for which to be grateful, one can always appreciate being alive, the roof over our heads, food on the table, our ability to walk, hear, and see. Additionally, we have the gift of altering our lives by just CHOOSING to do so. The latter alone has the power to revitalize us. That is why it is important to challenge our beliefs for when we do, we not only modify all that surrounds us but also everything with which we come in contact.

Did you know that living organisms have the capacity to share their information by exchanging their genes with different species? Genes are not solely passed through reproduction as previously thought. In other words, there is a “conscious” purpose, if you will. Dr. Lipton explains this simply and eloquently in his book.

What is amazing is the collaboration that exists between cells when they band together. Cooperation is necessary for survival for it increases an organism’s awareness of its surroundings. The cells in a colony specialize in certain “roles” to distribute the workload and thereby increase overall efficiency. When we apply the principle of assisting others to achieve their goals while striving to reach ours, everyone benefits. Not only do we gain as a group by becoming stronger but also engage the universal law that states there is no quicker way to obtain our desires than by helping others achieve theirs. Thus, cooperation and not competition is the means to attain our dreams.

You may be thinking: OK, fine, but so what. The importance of this is that we cannot blame heredity for who or what we are. We can no longer use that as an excuse for not living our dream life. It returns the responsibility where it belongs to us for we create our reality either by design or default.

By overriding our belief system with a new way of thinking that supports our desires, we form new habits that enable us to attain our goals. That alone would be enough, but in doing so, we radiate confidence, self-esteem, peace, and joy which leaves our imprint in the environment and in those with whom we come in contact. People begin to gravitate to us in the hopes of obtaining what we have. All living things prosper.

It is good to remember that our soul’s essence is not the painful memories that surface during our healing; it is LOVE. By allowing our light to shine while dreaming bigger, we provide more possibilities for our soul to heal those discordant energies to express, eventually, its energetic imprint freely.

Why is our soul’s stamp necessary? It reunites our soul with our physical being to connect us with the Oneness of God. We recognize we are part of the Whole. The key here is remembering for separation is an illusion. We have never been apart. Being made in God’s image, God’s love is within each of us.  That is the source of our abundance. Once we reconnect with the Creative Source, our lives become richer.

Armed with this information, how can you best use it to your advantage? Review your past. Notice what has worked and what hasn’t. Discard what hasn’t and repurpose what has. Visualize and imagine who you wish to be. Enjoy and embrace life’s changes. Be proactive in forming people’s perceptions of your work by performing every task in alignment with your core values. Interestingly, your brand is built by other’s perceptions of you. You might as well have a hand in the message you wish to convey.

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