Reflections & Expectations

As we finish a phase of our life, we cannot help but reflect upon all we experienced. We review our accomplishments, our growth, and our emotions. It serves to cement our learning and prepares us for the road ahead.

During reflection, it is beneficial to pose heart-centered questions. What do I need? What is vital for my well-being? What is important to me? What talents do I have to share with the world, and how can I best utilize them? To benefit from this soul-searching process, remain silent for ten minutes between each question. Doing so prevents you from rushing to answer or reverting to excuses. Take a deep breath pulling the energy from the solar plexus and bringing it up to your heart. Once you are centered, focus on the feelings that those questions evoked. What emotions surfaced? From this place, you can listen to your heart’s response.

The act of reflecting returns us to wholeness for we retrieve our soul’s essence, face our shadows and release our emotions. It awakens us to live authentically and with integrity.

Just like the dog in the picture, that quietly takes in the surroundings while patiently expecting, waiting, and never doubting his master’s return so, too with us. We need to follow the example, never faltering, to bring our dreams to life. Can’t you just see the dog’s excitement as soon as he sees his master coming towards him in the distance?

A question my clients invariably ask is: how can I keep my emotions high when I don’t see any evidence of my desires in my life? We need to anticipate a positive outcome. Put a twist on the general statement: “With my luck, things are going to turn out GREAT!” Remind yourself often that good things will happen. Attitude is everything. If you consciously elect to think good-feeling thoughts, you will attract more high-vibrational thoughts and, eventually, circumstances which bring you joy. Before you realize it, you have trained your subconscious mind only to seek that which makes you happy. You will also deepen your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical connection.

See everything in a favorable light. Reflect and expect that no matter what happens, no matter what bumps you come across on your path, all will be well. After all, it is just as easy to think positive than to think negative. You use the same amount of energy. You might as well use every opportunity advantageously. I know, it seems too easy. It is.

Celebrate each instance you choose positive thoughts and remain happy, loving, hopeful, and forgiving. That builds momentum and brings you into alignment.

Turning that practice into a habit promotes self-awareness, increases personal development, and helps you improve your relationships with others. Reflection and expectation help you hear the contents of your heart, mind, and soul.

Are you listening?

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