Our perspectives shape our reality. Take a moment. Think about that. What perspectives are you holding that are shaping your life, that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Listen to your thoughts. Let your feelings be your guide.

“What we are familiar with we cease to see.” — Anais Nin

The next time you are wondering why you haven’t gotten that promotion, or why you haven’t gotten the raise that you desire, or why your business isn’t earning 7-figures, listen, listen closely to the thoughts that come next into your mind. More often than not, your next thought is, yes, BUT… (fill in the blank). These are the thoughts that are keeping you from achieving that dream or goal.

“Guard your roving thoughts with a jealous care, for speech is but the dialer of thoughts, and every fool can plainly read in your words what is the hour of your thoughts.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

So now that you are aware of it, how do you feel about that thought? Do you still believe this? Since you formed this belief, it is just as easy for you to replace it with another thought that serves your purpose. That limiting belief symbolizes an old pattern, a belief that you formed from a previous experience. The good thing is that you are no longer there.

Be grateful that you discovered what has been holding you back. You will find that as soon as you acknowledge this limiting belief, you will become more aware of it, or any other limiting belief, when it surfaces–thus, making it easy for you to release and replace it. After all, it’s a choice. You have the power to entertain whatever thoughts or beliefs you desire; and to replace them with new ones. It is just as easy to replace your attitude with a positive thought or feeling. It just takes a conscious effort on your part. Are you up to the challenge?

You can design whatever life you desire. It’s your CHOICE. How are you going to CHOOSE to live?

“I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for unearthing these limiting beliefs, for acknowledging them, for choosing to move forward and releasing what no longer serves you. You’ve done great work! You should feel proud.

Now that we are into the second week of the new year and you have acknowledged your limiting beliefs, how are you coming along with defining your goals? What small steps or actions have you taken toward this end?

If someone told you that they had a surefire way for you to attract more love and abundance in your life, would you do it? Would you be 100% committed to carrying it out?

Well, I have such a method. And, yes, it is simple. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. Make it a nightly habit to write down everything that you received during the day, however small. It can be a smile from a stranger, purchasing an item with an unexpected discount, the taxi appearing and taking you to your destination on time, or feeling great. Whatever it is, write it down. You’ll be amazed at how many blessings that God or the Universe is sending your way. As you are writing these down, pay attention to how you are feeling. Are you smiling?

By acknowledging what you receive, you will be making a connection with the Universe that will allow you to receive even more. The next step is to write a thank you letter expressing your appreciation and gratitude.

“Appreciation is a doorway into the heart. It opens your heart and allows you to experience more love in your life.” – Orin & Sanaya Roman

It is proven.

What things do you appreciate having in your life right now? Who do you appreciate? Take the time to express your appreciation.

You are on your way to changing your perspectives, to changing your reality. Remember, your external world reflects your inner world. The work first starts from within.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be he cande or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

Congratulations you are on your way. Here’s to your success!

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