Forgiveness: Releasing the Past

How often do we hear ourselves saying those words void of any emotion? Sometimes those words escape without even the slightest hesitation or reflection on our part. Is it any wonder that forgiveness is one of the emotions with which we most struggle?

Forgiveness is an act of love. Love for ourselves and for the person on whom we are bestowing this act. However, mostly, it is about self-love. When we forgive, we give ourselves a gift—we permit love to flow freely in our lives. It is personal empowerment for we take responsibility for our freedom, our life, and our emotions.

Forgiveness is unconditional love. It is about allowing energy to flow no matter what for we remain focused in the present, not in the past. It is about being in control of where we place our attention regardless of the feelings evoked by a situation, person, or circumstance. When we judge, we not only classify whether someone or something is right or wrong, but we also classify ourselves since it keeps our focus on what is missing or on what should be. It fosters anger, bitterness, and resentment that constricts rather than opens our hearts. However, when we recognize that every experience, no matter how challenging, arrives at the right time, we begin to understand that that is precisely the lesson we need to live our truth, let go of our ego, and discover our purpose. When we surrender, we reconnect with God, All-That-Is, allowing love to permeate our being for God is unconditional love.

Forgiveness helps us evolve spiritually by releasing the past. When we forgive, we shift our perception because we cease focusing on what is wrong in our lives and begin placing our attention on what is right. By reframing the infliction to our self, we remove the emotional block that keeps us from experiencing love in our lives. Self-forgiveness releases the unresolved emotions brought about by past choices. When our hearts open, we see things differently and thus allow the free flow of energy and lasting change to enter our lives.

We have a choice as to how to deal with the situation that has triggered the unresolved emotion. We can allow the fullness of who we are to flow through us or remain stuck in resentment. We can set our tone and feel the extension of the love that this circumstance or person is demonstrating by showing us this lesson. When we embrace that all that happens is to help us heal, grow, and learn, we permit the Universe to bring us what we desire at its own right time. That is how the Universe works.


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