See Me – The Call of The Soul

How many times have you heard everybody has a story?
But, do you know what purpose your narrative indeed serves?

We’ve all faced anguish, sadness, loss, shame, anger, rejection, or abandonment to some degree or another. These experiences constitute who we are for they represent our struggles to be accepted, to be loved, and usually serve as the springboard from which we embark on our calling.

But, the REAL purpose of our story is to show us what part of ourselves needs HEALING.


I am not the appearances, nor the circumstances, which trap me inside. I am those emotions I rush to suppress—or am terrified to express—for fear you get a glimpse of who I am. I’ve been hiding behind this mask, trying to please, trying to be liked, trying to fit in, but I no longer desire to feel alienated. I wish to perceive my innate sense of worthiness solely for EXISTING, for being WHO I AM. Don’t stare past me. Look at ME. See ME.


I’ve heard the call of my soul: I am unconditional love. Rely on me for no matter what you do, or do not do, my love for you will never alter. I’ve been waiting for you to recognize and express the rawness of your emotions.

See ME; feel ME.

I am your higher self, bursting to be expressed.

“When you connect with your higher purpose, that divine intelligence within, all you thought impossible before becomes simple and powerfully guided. With the power of that source lit from inside, your entire life changes in such powerful and positive ways—bringing you to your life’s purpose.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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