You Matter

Just because someone is better AT something does not make them better THAN you. You MATTER. Self-worth has NOTHING to do with social position, achievement, or status. Value is an expression of Divine Consciousness.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Start owning the Divine Presence within you. Feel the Divine Spark. That is why you matter. When you KNOW and LIVE in that spiritual awareness, you imbue your life with abundance, joy, tranquility, and unconditional love.

Be in touch with your value. ALLOW it. Your worth comes from within. It has nothing to do with external circumstances. Once you realize that, your presence commands. Gain dominion over your ego when it forces you to compare yourself to others or external criteria.

Your value cannot be measured physically. You demonstrate it in how you carry yourself, in your confidence. But, be careful that you do not fall prey to false pride. Knowing your value is humbling and yet powerful. You realize that you do not need approval from anyone to feel good about yourself. All that matters is your opinion, your emotions, your truth.

The quicker we understand that the quicker we’ll realize that our purpose lies in service. We shall then begin to live Lao Tzu’s four cardinal virtues, which are the attributes of our true nature. By practicing the four virtues highlighted below, we realign ourselves with God, Source, and harness the power that Source energy offers.

1. Unconditional Natural Piety: love and respect for one’s being; a profound reverence toward all things.

2. Natural Sincerity: Being genuine, earnest, honest, and whole-hearted; keeping one’s mind whole and peaceful.

3. Gentleness: Kindness; the refinement of one’s soul. Being kind eliminates the need to make ourselves right and others wrong. We cease to live from ego-inspired desires.

4. Being Naturally Supportive: Serving others without reservation or expectation of reward. It is through serving others that we find dignity and meaning in life.

The ego in itself is useful for it helps us function in the world, but it is when we allow our ego to tell us who we are that we run into trouble. We need to listen to our hearts instead. When we do, we shall leave habits and excuses behind and begin to live an impersonal life.

Let’s celebrate each others’ excellence, embrace our value, and harmonize with the natural order of the Universe. In doing so, we shall become more God-like and cannot help but radiate unconditional love.

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