Throwing In The Towel


The other day, out of the blue, the thought crossed my mind. To which I immediately responded: Not after putting in so much work!

I was shocked for I have never entertained such thoughts. I am usually the type that responds: Oh, yeah, watch me! Funny how these ideas surface without warning. I was conversing with my sister over something completely unrelated when that thought entered my mind.

As I contemplated what would cause these emotions to stir within us, frustration was the number one reason that surfaced, closely followed

by a lack of meaning in our lives or our jobs, performing our tasks by rote, solely collecting a paycheck or living a mundane existence.

The emotions build up slowly; then it hits us. We start noticing we are unhappy, or lose interest, or feel everything caving in around us. That is when we contemplate quitting.

The turmoil begins. We hear ourselves saying: Winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win. We engage in a battle between our ego’s ingrained beliefs, which we usually acquire from society or other people, and our heart’s desire. Resistance paralyzes us. We know we must listen to our heart, to our soul’s purpose if we wish to regain our enthusiasm. And yet we wonder how much more we can take.

Despite knowing change is inevitable to pursue our dreams, what usually stops us cold is realizing that once we make a change it affects everything else around us. That prompts us to ask:

Are we up for this transition?

Clearly, you are! Otherwise, you would not have been feeling at odds with yourself. So, how do you remedy this feeling? Easy; it’s time to do something that scares and excites you.

Don’t throw in the towel yet!

Surrender instead by detaching yourself emotionally. It is the perfect time to Let Go and Let God for everything has a gestation period—and yours may still need incubation. Everything has its own Divine time. Rely on your faith. Believing in the Universe’s partnership to bring forth opportunities for the achievement of your goals is crucial.

Let your soul guide you. Begin focusing on all that is going right with your life. Appreciate. Be grateful. Radiate love. From here, you cannot help but attract more love and more things to enjoy.

Use this opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. By performing a task you normally would not do, it brings the change you secretly desire. Sometimes that is what is exactly needed for your seeds to break ground.

Give up on the illusions instead for as Mark Twain reminds us:

“It’s not what we don’t know that hurts us;
it’s the things we think we know
that just ain’t so.”


Roll with the punches; don’t let a flash knockdown discourage you. If you want to be great, you have to go the distance. It takes heart to keep fighting. You have to keep at it even if the crowd and the odds are against you. You have to be able to fight with a disciplined mind and every ounce of strength in your body despite being the underdog or scared to death. You have to have the drive to go that extra round.

You still have one round left. “Go get’em!”

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