Topsy Turvy

World events have had everyone asking, what is happening? Why is there such upheaval? I don’t need to look past my front door to see the impact, the tensions that the recent elections have had on the people. This confusion is not only particular to the USA; it is worldwide. Many have asked me, why is this happening?

During such times, it is good to remember that everything has a Divine purpose even though it does not appear so. We are raising our consciousness. We have entered the Age of Illumination. We no longer desire to accept the status quo. We no longer need to ask, is this all there is? We KNOW there is more to life, but it has more to do with our desire to evolve spiritually rather than materialistically. That is not to say that we eschew the trappings of a successful life.

However, when we do not get what we expect, we get impatient, nay angry. We are accustomed to having everything as we exactly wish. If we do not see it instantaneously, we just know that something has to be wrong. We start asking ourselves, what didn’t I do right? Why am I not seeing results? I cannot stress enough that everything has its Divine time. Everything needs a gestation period. Things need to align before we see their manifestation. Most importantly, WE need to align our souls with our desires, our dreams, and our goals. We have to change the manner in which we view ourselves. We have to SEE ourselves in that new role (sort to speak). We have to BELIEVE that it is possible for us.

When things do not turn out as we wish, we tend to become angry, frustrated, and even bitter. Why me?—is a common lament we either hear or use. Rather than seeing the results as a blessing, we see it as a calamity. STOP! Look inward. Ask what do I need to learn from this situation? What pattern is this showing me? How is this helping me to evolve spiritually?

If we begin to see everything through the lens of compassion, not only will we benefit and align ourselves with our higher self (with our soul), but everyone around us will also be affected for they will feel the love that we radiate.

To quote a familiar phrase, “love makes the world go round.” It is the only constant. It is who we are. We are infinite beings of light. Shine brightly. Let others see your magnificence. Let others gravitate to your Divine spark. That is how we can impact the world, one person at a time.

Here’s to your highest expression of yourself. Here’s to your magnificence!

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