So, What! Now What?

The other day I heard Clarence Caldwell use those four words.  Indeed, I cannot think of a better way to quickly change our mood or vibration.  How perfect is that!

Whenever a challenging situation arises, especially one that hurts us, this is the perfect opportunity to rely on a phrase that means it’s not important, or I don’t care.  By learning how to use properly “So what!” we can drill down until we get to the crux of what is troubling us.  Although the process appears simple, it is not easy.  It requires honesty, sincerity, and vulnerability on our part for it to be beneficial.

For instance, let’s say you did not receive the promotion you expected, ask yourself:

“What is causing me to react this way?

If you respond, “I should have gotten that promotion.”

Follow up with: “So what!”

Response: “I was looking forward to my new position.”

“So what!”

“I work hard.  No one appreciates all that I do.”

“So what!”

“What if they think I can’t do the job?”

“So what!”

“but it meant more money.”

“So what!”

“I told everyone I was getting promoted.”

“So what!”

“I’m not going to be able to face them anymore.”

“So what!”

“What if I don’t deserve it?”

Now we are getting somewhere. When you can go no further with this line of questioning, you have discovered the reason for your emotions.  You will FEEL when you’re there.  Understanding your emotions and your triggers is powerful.

As soon as you recognize the beliefs that keep you from attaining your goals, as well as the patterns that do not serve you, you can change them.  Fairly quickly, in fact.  That in itself is liberating.

How can that be when some of these beliefs are so ingrained?  Simple.  You are in a position of strength.  CHOOSE to do so.  Yes, that’s all. It’s your choice.  Once you decide to eliminate these beliefs, say confidently “Starting today, I choose to acknowledge and appreciate my worth.  I know I deserve the promotion.  I know I’m valuable.”  By stating your new attitudes, in your words, of course, you replace the old beliefs with the new, becoming the catalyst for change.

After you gain clarity, it’s time to ask “Now what?”  Solely inquiring this, which infers “What should I do next”, opens you to new probabilities.  You expand your horizons.  It shifts your reality.  By not succumbing to self-pity, you are free to consider what steps are necessary to alter the situation to achieve your goal.  You choose joy and love rather than sorrow and fear.

In case you are wondering, the purpose of this line of questioning is to elevate your frequency. Although I have mentioned this before, it is worth repeating.  The law of attraction responds to vibrations.  Since all is energy, everything emits a frequency.  Just like when we synchronize to a radio station, the mere fact that we selected a channel aligns us to the radio station’s frequency. Our thoughts, words, deeds, and focus rely on the same means to attract what we do or do not desire to us. The stronger our faith and signal, the quicker we manifest for we attract what we believe, not what we ask.

No matter how long we’ve been working with the universal laws, I find there comes a time when we come across a hurdle that momentarily knocks us off course.  It is then when we need to use methods, such as these, to realign ourselves.  It is then when we need to let go of the beliefs and habits that are keeping us from accomplishing, from shining brightly. Embrace your brilliance; illuminate others’ paths and make a difference in the world.

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