Learning How to Use The Universal Laws Successfully

The Law of Attraction (LOA) always works regardless of whether you believe in it or not. It’s universal. It works for everyone. I can hear you asking: If the LOA is continuously working, why aren’t I getting what I want? Why am I still struggling if I am doing everything right?

While it may appear that you are not getting what you desire, in reality, you are. The LOA gives you what you believe not what you ask. Your hidden beliefs work against you. That is what you are magnetizing into your life.

Let me explain. If you set an intention and don’t attain your goal, then you have an unconscious belief, contrary to your request, which is stronger than your expressed wish, counteracting it.

Many of our conflicting views were acquired during childhood or from being overexposed to certain phrases such as Money is the root of all evil; I don’t deserve it; Money doesn’t grow on trees, or People like us don’t make that kind of money. I’m sure there are others that come to mind.

How can you overcome these unconscious beliefs to create a new reality? Become aware of them. How? Pay attention to your feelings. Your emotions are your guidance system, much like the GPS. If you want to know what is right for you, look to your feelings and emotions.

Usually, all it takes to release these negative beliefs is to recognize them. To eliminate your filters, unlock your subconscious mind to bring it into alignment with your conscious mind. Once you do this, you will attract that which you desire.

To see if you hold any unknown beliefs look at your surroundings. What you see (or don’t see) in the world around you is a reflection of your inner self. Once you change your beliefs, your external circumstances change. Try it. You’ll be amazed at how everything and everyone change as soon as you do.

Asking for something while doubting will take forever to appear in your life. If you hope to receive something, be patient for it will manifest very slowly. It’s pointless to ask for something when you don’t believe. It will never arrive. When you are confident of your goal, it happens so quickly; you see evidence everywhere.

After recognizing and releasing the conflicting beliefs, you can attract what your desire. Be very clear about your goal. Know what you are asking, understand its essence. In other words, why do you want this? Determining this is critical. Without this clarity, it’s hard to magnetize anything into your life.

Get clear by drilling down deep; continue to ask why until you are completely satisfied that you know the answer. As with matters of the heart, you will know when that is.

Next, allow yourself to receive it. What does that mean? By focusing on what you don’t want regardless if it is to resist or defeat it, you inhibit what you desire to flow to you. Remember, you attract what you believe and on what you place your focus. In essence, you need to allow circumstances to be what they are and people to be who they are. Allowing is not agreeing, it just means that you are not resisting against them. To get your wish, you only need to identify what you want, feel what it’s like to have it in your life, and allow it to flow to you by holding your focus there. When you feel good, you are in a place of allowing.

The last step is to detach yourself from your desire. How can you separate yourself while still maintaining your focus? Don’t obsess over it. Don’t worry about how or when it is going to happen. Let it be. Let God and the Universe perform their magic.

Don’t impose your ideas on how things should be or should come to you. You cannot force any solutions to your problems. Everything should flow with ease and grace. Know and accept that there is an element of unpredictability. Embrace it. That is when natural solutions emerge. The more uncertain things are in your life, the more you should feel secure for it opens possibilities. Your job is to remain excited about this infinite array of choices to experience fun, adventure, and miracles.

Detachment is about faith. You need to believe that God, the Universe, has your best interests at heart, that your desires are making their way to you. You need to trust the process. Everything in nature has a gestation period, needing time to grow and expand. Don’t over-manage it. Release your neediness.

When you are attached to a result or experience emotionally, you are communicating a need for something that is lacking in your life. What you are telling the Universe is “I don’t have this, and I want it.” Knowing how the LOA works, you will attract more experiences of lack and need.

Trusting and detaching yourself from your desires is important. Instead say: “I know this is coming to me in due course when it is best for me. Thank you.” You will find that the Universe will do just that. Believe that all is well, that God desires you to live joyfully and abundantly. Daily acknowledge: “I know the Universe is working for me and with me. Thank you.”

When you believe this with your heart, you will create and have everything you desire.

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