Stop Facing Reality

I can’t believe you are telling me NOT to face reality.  Yes, this may be counterintuitive, especially with what we’ve heard throughout our lives; but, bear with me.  Facing reality is one of the things that gets us in trouble when we are trying to attain our goals.

If every time we ask, it is given, without exception, then where is it?  It is in a holding pattern.  All we desire is circling us in our vortex until we clear it for landing by aligning ourselves with that which we desire.

How can we align ourselves with our goals?  Let me show you an exercise that will quickly teach you to release discord and coordinate your beliefs with your yearnings.

Before I explain the practice, I would like to share the following.  When you wish to know if you have any dissonance with what you are trying to bring into your life, check two things.  The first is to tune into how you are feeling.  Are you angry at yourself for wishing for something that you don’t know how to bring into your life, or feel you cannot have?  Make sure you remove the resistance, not the longing.


The second is to see if the manifestations showing up in your life are reflections of the contradicting beliefs or of your wishes.  The only reason these beliefs are still holding fast is that you continue to focus on them.

It’s hard to regard evidence of something unwanted and believe that it hasn’t happened.  It’s illogical.  What should you do?  Stop looking at the details.  Remember the more you think about something, the more momentum there is for it to appear in your life.  Instead, look at it from an emotional viewpoint.

For example, in the thought: Money comes and goes, or I don’t have enough money to pay the bills, what is the emotion that best describes how that thought causes you to feel?  I’m sure you agree it’s fear.

Now focus on the emotion of fear, and how it makes you feel.

You may think the following questions are ridiculous, obvious, and almost silly, but this is a critical part of the Abraham-Hicks exercise.  Don’t discard it.  Answering them will align you with the essence of who you are.  So, ask yourself and answer:

Do I prefer the feeling of fear or ease?

Do I prefer fear or clarity?

Do I prefer fear or interest?

Do I prefer fear or joy?

Do I prefer balance or imbalance?

Do I prefer turmoil or calmness?

Do I prefer lethargy or vitality?

Do I prefer boredom or excitement?

Do I prefer disharmony or harmony?

Do I prefer fear or love?

That was easy.  Now let’s continue.

When money is flowing, does it feel like fear or ease?

When money is flowing, does it feel like anxiety or confidence?

When money is flowing, does it feel like sadness or happiness?

When money is flowing, does it feel like disharmony or harmony?

When money is flowing, does it feel like boredom or excitement?

When money is flowing, does it feel like turmoil or calmness?

When money is flowing, does it feel like lethargy or vitality?

When money is flowing, does it feel like worry or reassurance?

When money is flowing, does it feel like imbalance or balance?

When money is flowing, does it feel like confusion or clarity?

How did that feel?

Didn’t you find it easier to align yourself by choosing conditions with which you can identify quickly?

By doing so, you aligned yourself with the trajectory of who you are.

The purpose of this exercise is to assist you in eliminating any resistance, thereby removing any opposition to your desire, to unblock the energy you summoned.  By dedicating a small amount of time and placing a little bit of focus, you unconditionally align yourself with your yearnings.  If you stop giving your undivided attention to beliefs that don’t serve you, they will deactivate.

We tend to summon more energy than we allow for in the asking we call forth Source.  Since we constantly are doing so, our job is to find more ways to let the energy flow.  We cannot stop the Law of Attraction, just as we cannot cease to call forth energy, its momentum or purpose.  We can, however, block it.

What this exercise does is help you reach a natural state of alignment by adding more momentum to your longings rather than continuing to fuel your contradictory beliefs.

If you combine this exercise with the phrase: Oh good, something to, you have two powerful tools with which to work.

When you break a treasured object or need to gain knowledge or experience, or explain a situation or whenever something else challenges you, say:

Oh good, something to buy

Oh good, something to understand,

Oh good, something to clarify

This phrase shifts your perspective instantaneously so you can unblock your energy and start manifesting.

As soon as you feel tired, unhappy, pessimistic, or any other heavy, negative emotion, you can unblock your energy by looking for more ways to feel good. Once you do, you become clearer, more confident, and happier.



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