What is your sentence?

Which beliefs are sentencing you to the life you are leading?

Your language, thoughts, and emotions create your reality. I know I have said that before; yet, it begs repeating. Every time you say I am not successful or I don’t have enough, you have sentenced yourself to live that life for that is what you are calling into being. Your attention, then, is on what you do not desire. That is why it is beneficial when people hold a mirror to you by demonstrating the traits you dislike in yourself. It helps you to see why things are not working for you so you can course correct.

“What got you here won’t get you there.” – Marshall Goldsmith

Notice the insistent thought loop and false information that bombards you incessantly. Being continuously on the phone or the computer or listening to the news feed disassociates you from living. You get too caught up in the busyness and are unavailable to experience the here and now. You may even seek distractions like shopping or addictions to numb the pain.

I know it is essential to use technology to carry out your responsibilities. I, too, rely on technology for that. However, it becomes an addiction when you prefer to be texting rather than enjoying someone’s company. Be aware of what is in front of you. Use your discernment to flush out what is real and what is false.

Additionally, when you focus on the stars, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the sea, the industriousness of ants, squirrels, or bees, you bring your attention to presence, living in the moment. Taking the time to still your mind as you enjoy the sunshine or the unfolding of a flower, you know God. That is what truly matters.

Have you noticed that competition, greed, fear, and separation have gone by the wayside? It is time to embrace love, light, compassion, and joy.

“If you move on any path – any methodology – and it brings joy to you, more sensitivity, more watchfulness, and gives a feeling of immense well-being, this is the only criterion that you are going on the right path. If you become more miserable, more angry, more of an egoist, more greedy, more lustful, those are the indications you are moving on a wrong path.” ― Osho

Use your thoughts to build a new foundation for freedom. Begin to see through your third eye everything you intend to manifest for you will be creating with Source. Pose the following questions to see the merits of your ideas:

  • Who stands to benefit?
  • Who is the ultimate beneficiary?
  • Who controls the information you are receiving?

Then surrender to the Divine truth.

You will find that you will not need to explain yourself to others. It will not matter for you engaged all of your senses fully. You relaxed into the stillness of the internal space where unconditional love resides—the place of your connection with God.

Cease wishing freedom from something. Instead, desire freedom to do. Which is more empowering, desiring liberation from your boss, spouse, debt, or freedom to do what you wish, make an impact, travel wherever and whenever you want? In the first instance, freedom from, you have given away your power while in the second, you rely on yourself.

Pure freedom is the freedom inside you, inside each of us, to always access. No person, place, or thing can give it to you, for it is the space within you where miracles occur. Look around and within you. Then in absolute gratitude, offer thanks to God, the Universe, and yourself. Remember the adage: haste makes waste. So, slow down to speed up for your gifts also contain your challenges.

The next time you are about to embark on a new venture and fear grips its hold, ask yourself, is it because I secretly desire that. Have you not noticed how amazing you feel after doing the very thing you feared? Use adversity as an opportunity, for it reveals who you can be. There is always a way through and a way forward. Every problem contains the solution within it. You have to be open to seeing things in a new light. When you do, you change your life beyond recognition.

Leave the safety of your comfort zone. Never be afraid to fail. Failure shows you what needs to be corrected. Seek the answer in the stillness of your heart, listen to the guidance received. Be unafraid to take the risk for your heart has your best interest always.  Use discernment and follow your heart. Remember, even a small shift is enough to change your reality.

Pause the next time you find yourself in a thought loop, then press the reset button. Master your beliefs. After all, you have the choice as to which thoughts to entertain and allow into your consciousness.

“The mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.” –Unknown

Do not be in a rush for instant gratification. Have patience; everything has a gestation period. You cannot force things. Allow them to unfold. The challenges you may be facing are what you need strictly for your becoming. See them as blessings. The greater the challenges, which, after all, is a matter of perception, provide the most significant rewards. A sure sign that you need to surrender to Divine will is when you are at your wit’s end and have exhausted all of your resources, including your energy. I have been there more than once. Say, thy will be done to bring instant peace and relief. You begin to see miraculous solutions to what you thought had no resolution. Embrace your communion with Source. Let Spirit be the CEO of your life.  Then see miracles unfold.

“The ultimate mysteries are opened only to those who have immense patience.” ― Osho

As you allow your intuition to blossom and pass everything you are contemplating by your guidance system, you surrender to God’s will. You cannot have a better partner. Furthermore, you cease sentencing your life to mediocrity. Be brilliant. Radiate your light. As you do, you hold the key for others to follow suit.

How are you sentencing your life?

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