What Is Success?

What is your idea of success?  Take a moment.  Write down what success constitutes for you.  Are you satisfied with what you wrote?  Now read it aloud.

How does it make you feel?

Review your notes again.  Ask yourself:  is this my definition of success or is it something which I have acquired from others?

To determine if you are speaking from your center, pay attention to your feelings.  Will this ideal life you described help you to live joyfully?  Does it let you express your integrity and be who you truly desire?

Most of the times, when we think of success, we associate it with our careers, our finances, or being number one—in essence, winning the Gold.  Let’s fast forward.  You’ve achieved and are enjoying everything that constitutes your idea of success.  You made it!

How do you feel?  Are you happy?  Are you completely satisfied with your life?  If you are, congratulations!

Let me ask you:  How long will your happiness last?

If you answer until I desire something else, I invite you to revisit the question and ponder your answer carefully.

It’s true that we are always expanding.  That is the nature of our being.  But, are we placing our value on those things which will make us successful?  Have we transferred our self-worth to external things, and, in so doing, given away a piece of ourselves, and thus our power?  Are we letting our possessions or lack of them determine who we are?

What makes your soul sing?

Success is living your idea of paradise on earth.  What would make you wake up every single day with enthusiasm?  What would get you to jump out of bed because what you have to offer benefits and makes others happy?

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