The Shift

We all know that each one of us is unique for there is no one else who has our attributes or shares our life experiences for each one of us has a unique pattern of past lives. Some may not even believe in past lives, but our souls are eternal, meaning that this is not our first experience. New souls, on the other hand, may be here for the first time, but it will not be their last Whether new or old, every soul is eternal.

What surprised me recently was to learn that our life lessons are also unique. Not our interpretation of it, but the life lesson itself. That surprised me for I envisioned life lessons fitting into categories. How third dimensional of me! It is unique to each one of us because our consciousness affects the potentials of our life continuously. Although it may feel like yesterday or the day before, it is not for every situation is dynamic.

Knowing that, can you accept that things are changing for the better perhaps not in the direction expected but certainly in ways that positively affect your life as you allow consciousness to change within you, breaking old habits.

As consciousness evolves, the next logical step is to act compassionately in everything you do. That is the most difficult but the most rewarding.

When someone cuts in front of you while driving, the initial reaction is anger. That emotion results from instantaneously labeling a situation as unfortunate. It happens so quickly that you are not even aware of it. If you cease identifying experiences as either bad or good, you remain neutral, disconnecting from anger and frustration. Labeling is what creates a response.

Do not let anyone or anything disturb your equilibrium. By not allowing yourself to react, you can consider that the individual is having a bad day or has an emergency. From this place, you can act compassionately not only in that situation but any other one too.

Inevitably, there will come a time when someone will hurt your feelings, or some disappointment will upset you. If you stand firm in your commitment to always act with a compassionate heart, you would see these hurts or disappointments differently. Nothing can ever hurt or define you for you are a balanced, compassionate being who never loses inner peace for you see God, Source, All-That-Is, in everything and everyone, even in those individuals who act unkindly. Instead, you recognize that they are unbalanced (not mentally, of course).

When you choose to live, in spite of everything, from a compassionate heart, you become a catalyst. You change those around you without being affected for negativity—not even illness—can befall a balanced individual. As you master yourself through the energy of compassion, synchronicity aligns, and others will seek you.

It is an arduous path for it is not easy to see beauty instead of judgment or criticism. It requires practice. There will be times when you catch yourself getting angry or frustrated. Be gentle with yourself. Change calls for patience. Becoming a compassionate person does not happen overnight not even with commitment. It happens slowly. There will be setbacks. See them only as reminders to continue on your quest. Being compassionate and seeing the Creator in all things is not intrinsic. That is why it is difficult, but it is feasible. Remember you are unique and thus your experience will be different. Do not compare yourself. Remember that many of the things you desire require other things to fall into place first.

When you embark on a compassionate action path, everything changes. Are you ready for the shift?

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