Manifesting May be Hazardous to Your Dreams

As soon as we achieve our dreams, we slack, forgetting everything we did to manifest them in the first place. All the diligence, determination, persistence paid off. It is cause for celebration, but not for shifting our focus. We become bogged down with the day-to-day that we no longer make time to check in with our feelings or meditate. After all, we received validation that we are powerful creators. So, we become embroiled in the “what is”.

That is when you should mind your internal warning alert to be vigilant. When we begin to pay more attention to what is,

Don’t Let Manifestation Deprive You of Your Dreams

Feel productive when you move energy and affect your emotion without needing the manifestation to show up as proof of your value or creative prowess.

Manifestations sometimes slow us down because we give so much attention to “What is” that we are losing site of our dreams.

The Manifestation of My Dream Is Slowing Me Down

The way to fix that is to dream it some more. When you place so much attention to what is, you deprive yourself of the dream.

Life, the journey, is the experience between the dream and its manifestation (the what is).

When we finally reach our destination, the manifestation of our dream, it takes us to another manifestation, and another, and another.

Why would anyone want a business of any kind?
It is a way to engage with others, something to place your attention, it is a way to measure your ability, it’s fun.
Let’s discuss the money aspect. Why is making money exhilarating?
Because it provides us with opportunities to do more things.
Do you desire to make money or provide an environment for others to make money too? Which is more fun, your ability to solely making money or giving that same opportunity to others?
The upliftment of the business is for the money, its energy to move around.

Everything is about vibration. Emotions are vibrations. When we wish to be in love or life to be fun or desiring to feel good about something. When we talk about all of those things, we are talking about alignment, not about action.

Do you believe that the path to alignment is through action? No, it is through feeling. Inspired action happens only when we are aligned.

It is always about alignment.

Every morning upon awakening ask: What is it that I desire?

Today, no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intention to look for things that I desire to see. I want to fair out fun experiences for myself, and I want to engage in fun experiences with others.

Action carries us to a certain extent. You will never excel how you wish to until you make it about energy, and you will never make it about energy until you make it about how you feel. You will never be successful about anything until you care about how you FEEL and you are willing to do anything to find that alignment first. That is the grid. The grid is making your point of attraction matter more than anything else. Action is going to come to my point of attraction because of the vibration that I figured out how to conjure. I am going to conjure a vibration which I shall practice until I am really good at it and then I am going to revel in the things that come to it. That is DELIBERATE CREATION.

Law of Polarity – when you say you do not want something it means that its equally powerful and opposite equivalent is in my escrow.

Reality is the bouncing off place for the vibrational reality that you created.

Nothing is off limits. By the time we desire something because our life experiences have brought us to that place, a lot of momentum has already happened. Expect things to always work out.

Are you noticing more that it is not in your life or thinking more about having it? Be happy about it in its evolving. It has a vibrational presence even though you cannot see it. See you realizing the existence of your desires before they ever do so.

Many more things will show up faster. The second you will be happier along the way. Anticipation, Happy Anticipation, to allow, encourage with positive expectation. Expectation includes a desire and a belief. The negative emotions that we feel are indicators that there are some conflicting vibrations occurring. That is resistance. We are the only ones who can introduce resistance into our experience. When we introduce resistance, we slow down who we are and what we want.

Get happy, stay there so good things will come to you.

Shortage consciousness does not have anything to do with the reality of the situation. Shortage consciousness is only about alignment or not. Our ability to perceive is dramatically influenced by … We use our guidance system to tell us when we are off balance.

OJO—Elen – the path of least resistance has already been revealed to me. The question is: are you in a place of realizing what that path is?

With anything that matters to us we have the ability to ALLOW, not get, the momentum that we already have going to sweep us into its momentum.

Am I in the mode of receiving?
Am I practicing the art of Allowing?
Am I practicing the art of allowing the momentum that has already been established by the desires I have been offering?
Am I allowing the momentum that has already been established by the desires I have already set in motion and continued by the non-physical energy that is giving its undivided attention to it?
Am I now allowing myself to receive the benefit of that momentum—that incredible momentum?

Do you understand the leverage in allowing yourself to be swept up to that momentum?

Law of Attraction is the heart of momentum, but when you choose abundance and then focus on its opposite, in essence choose its opposite, you don’t allow the momentum to get going. But, when you choose it and don’t resist it, and choose it and don’t resist it, ad infinitum – that is the energy that creates worlds. It is available to you, to me, it is coursing through me unseen but not unknown, non-physical energies.

Life is good. It is a very good day. I CAN DO THIS. I feel invincible. I believe in the laws of the Universe; I know they are consistent. I know that they are not working for me or against me, they are just working. They are neutral. I know how they work; and I know about attraction and focus. I am good at that. I know about emotions, and I understand that emotions are the indicators. I am clear about for what I am reaching. I am going to choose the emotion first. I am going to choose the point of attraction first. I am going to watch what happens as I choose my point of attraction first. I am going to tend to the spinning “disk” on which I am. I am going to be the center of my universe. I am going to watch the response to me. There is nothing more exhilarating than being a deliberate creator. I love living in this universe where there are so many options, so many subjects, so many things to think about, and so many people that will play with me on the level of vibrational frequency that I choose. It is so rich, so much depth and breadth. I cannot think about anything that I would want to be than to be in physical form out here on the leading edge exposed to contrast – choosing things and then watching the vibrational response of the things I have chosen – sculpting the energy, creating worlds, and never ceasing doing that!!!

There is no reason for us not to experience happiness ever after without ending as long as keep our vibrational energy going

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