After All

Each time you are contemplating a new goal does that nagging voice squelches your enthusiasm?

The more you stifle it, the louder it gets. Do I deserve this? Who do you think you are? What makes you think you are capable? After all, you do not have the funds. After all, when have you succeeded? After all, have you looked at yourself lately?


Each one of us has stories that stop us from being, doing, giving, or having what we wish to be, do, or have. Are you tired of not being who you know deep down inside you can be? Do you desire to release that potential within you?

Then let me share a tip that I learned from Mary Morrissey. The next time your old limiting beliefs rear their nasty head, stop them in their tracks with the magical phrase: Up Until Now.

As soon as a disempowering thought crosses your mind, tell yourself: Up until now that may have been true, but that is not who I am anymore. Now, I am CHOOSING a new way of life for I am placing my trust in God, Source, All-That-Is. Do this consistently. Persistence is critical. You will not see immediate results, but know and believe that you are aligning yourself with your dreams. To see evidence of your desires, you must first be in harmony with them to appear.

Follow up that statement with the phrase: This or something better. Be certain that your dream is worthy of you for you will have to dedicate your most precious commodity—your time and attention—to it.

As with anything you wish to master, practice, practice, practice. Be aware of your thoughts daily. The next time you notice a hindering thought, reframe it; immediately follow it with your secret weapon: Up until now. Then, work towards your dream while saying: This or something better to engage the universal laws of detachment and attraction.

You may be wondering how can something so simple work. It functions because as soon as you voice those words, up until now, you send a signal to your subconscious that begins developing a new belief. However, you must be consistent and committed to create a new paradigm and release the old one. It is a simple process but not an easy one for it requires effort on your part to succeed—as with anything.

Your past prepared you to embrace your fullest potential. Stop believing everything you think. It is time to question those beliefs. Release what does not serve you. Balance your past, present, and future by appreciating the moment. Honor your past as your teacher; the present as your inspiration for it becomes your future. Use your fears, self-doubts, or past experiences to highlight your discontent. When you acknowledge your discontent, you discover your longing. What do you long for in certain areas of your life? Longings lead you to your soul’s calling. Your intuition will guide you in areas that are new, unexpected, or uncertain.

TRUST. You have this, after all.

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