The Song of Your Soul

Have you heard it yet?

We each have a frequency to which we vibrate. That is why we are drawn to certain sounds, or music because these make us happy. Sounds carry a vibration, which affects not only our bodies through the chakras but also matter, causing a kaleidoscope of intricate patterns which become more involved as the pitch increases (known as Cymatics).

When we sense our music, we have reconnected with the sacred. Our life is meaningful for we are one with God, the Divine, and all of life. We remember that we are magically a part of everything in this Universe. We see wonder and beauty in nature and each other. We have switched identifying ourselves from the physical world of what we do to who we really are.

The song of your soul is your truth, your purpose, what you came to accomplish. It is in alignment with your ultimate desires for yourself, your family, your life. It is remembering what is essential – giving and receiving unconditional love. When you bask in life’s simple pleasures, laughter, a sunrise, a stroll in the garden, playing with your child, you experience life in all its glory—and, which is more, you connect with your soul.

A melody is playing in the background, faintly at first, but growing louder as every fiber of your being feels your heart glowing and radiating in love.

Do you hear it?

I knew it; it’s beautiful! It’s the song of your soul.

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