A Miraculous Experience

Have you ever felt a butterfly’s wings fluttering against your cheek? That is the beautiful experience I had today, which I just had to share.

As I was out in the garden with my dog, Hannah, I saw a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. Now, I am all about symbolism, and I am usually in tune to the messages I am receiving from nature or the angelic realm, but this time I said to myself: No, this message isn’t for me. It’s not as if the butterfly came up to me.

As I continued to watch the butterfly, and not having a minute pass after I formed that thought, the butterfly flew diagonally across me and turned towards my left side. The butterfly was so close that I FELT its wings on my cheek! I can still feel it now, hours later.

The only other similar experience I’ve had is years ago when I was sitting in my garden reading, I kept noticing a bird looking curiously at me. I returned the gaze for I wondered what the bird was considering. Before I knew it, the bird flew over and perched on my shoulder. I was thrilled but reacted frightened at the unusual event. I scared the poor bird in the process. I felt bad because the bird had been sizing me up all that time to see if it could trust me, and I let my reflexes get the better of me during this unusual but pleasant experience. Sadly, it has never happened again.

This time I was more collected. I remained calm but felt outside of myself as I observed what was occurring. Thus, I sensed the miracle unfolding and felt the gentle fluttering of the orange-striped butterfly’s wings against my cheek. Once I became conscious, you might say, my mind took over, causing me to flinch and the butterfly to fly away.

As I mentioned, I’m into symbolism. Of course, butterflies represent spiritual transformation and rebirth. Since I received this beautiful gift, especially after undergoing a month of clearing and cleansing, discarding old beliefs and patterns, I ponder on what changes I need to make in my life to live authentically. What can I do that would light up my soul and invoke a sense of wonder?

The butterfly came with the message to release my fears as I embark on a journey to fulfill a shelved-dream that has been patiently waiting for me to act. The butterfly gently reminded me of what I can create and transform in my life. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra — where our creativity resides. As I felt the butterfly’s wings gently caress my cheek, it reminded me that I am loved and supported in my new endeavors.

Gratitude and appreciation fill my soul for the beautiful experience I received. This proves that miracles DO happen every day!

What miracles have you experienced?

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