It Begins in the Heart

Are you tired of feeling that you don’t belong, of trying to please others, of sacrificing yourself?

Then let me tell you, you are looking for love in all the wrong places. The only reason we go out of our way to please others or to live up to another’s expectations is that we are looking for acceptance. Yes, that is another word for love. We come up short time and again. Why? —because the love we desire is never found outside of ourselves. It is already within us. We have never been without it.

When we understand that we create our happiness, our lives, then we begin to love ourselves just as we are. No ifs, ands, or buts. When no one else’s approval matters but our own, when we can proceed with our plans without waiting for anyone’s blessing, when we don’t care if someone agrees with us or not, then we have crossed the portal to living joyfully.

The love we desire is the Divine Spark, the holy flame of the I AM Presence that exists within each of us. It is the Essence of the Almighty for we are made in God’s image. Interestingly, our heart flame has three fiery plumes (pink, yellow, and blue) that correspond to the same qualities of wisdom, power, and love, as well as the energies of the Trinity (Father is blue, Son is yellow, Holy Spirit is pink).

The key to fanning the fires of our heart flame is to balance each one of its plumes so that they are equal in height. We do this by focusing our attention on our heart center while considering the qualities of each plume. By stilling our minds and sensing which class is strongest in us, we can determine how we can align the other two.

When we ignite our spark by balancing the three fiery plumes, our heart flame grows brighter and brighter, and so does our union with unconditional love. As we focus more and more on balancing the plumes, we cannot help but radiate love. We return to wholeness. We weave our soul into our daily lives by aligning our spiritual and physical desires. Once we do, we become one with our Higher Self.

Often, we don’t realize our void is due to our separation from Almighty God, Source, All-That-Is, causing us to search endlessly for the love and acceptance of which we feel deprived. It is when we realize that separation is an illusion of our making that we find serenity.

The only requirement for a happy life is to be sincere with ourselves. If we wish to know our truth, we need to look to our feelings. For that, we need to listen and think with our heart, the soul’s link to divinity.

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