Why Don’t You?

Yes, why don’t you? There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t. But is there at least one reason why you should? Yes.
So go, just go—wherever it takes you.”
–The J. Peterman Company

As I was going through my mail, the lead paragraph of the J. Peterman catalog caught my eye, inspiring me to use it but rather than as an incitement to purchase as a prompting to forge ahead with our desires.

We get an idea, it persists within us, growing, gnawing at us, until we act. But, then, we either let others dissuade us, or talk ourselves out of it, telling ourselves: It’s crazy. It will never work.

Why shouldn’t it? We were given this idea for a reason. God, Source, the Universe, is telling us it is time to share our gifts. Don’t over think it. Just do it.

We tend to be our worst enemy, always finding fault or a lame excuse as to why it isn’t the right time.

Know that there are others like you who are searching to make a difference and are receiving inspiration too. If you procrastinate long enough, what you have been tweaking or revising to perfection will be published, composed, or invented by someone else.

When the Universe demonstrates it is time to share your message, it is time to venture courageously and follow the path wherever it leads you. It requires ACTION! Inspiration is worthless otherwise. Look for that ONE reason that motivated you in the first place. Stay true to it. Embrace it—for it was the stirrings of your soul.

If you lost your vision, look within. You won’t find it elsewhere. Quiet your mind and open your heart. LISTEN with your HEART! That is the only way you can rediscover yourself and gain your bearings to embark on your path.

It’s time to stop dimming your light. It’s time to share your gifts. You were given your dreams for a reason. You possess all you need to fulfill your life’s mission. No one else has your unique talents, skills, and experience. Forge ahead. Be like Carl Sandburg: “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” Don’t let minor details, like not knowing which course to take, intimidate you. Your journey may be circuitous, but it is the one your higher self has planned to lead you out of materialism. Embolden yourself: embark on your sacred journey to free your essence, discover yourself, and live authentically. Trust and let the brilliance of your soul guide and illuminate you.

Live that one good reason.

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