Make Great Choices

Someone at Harvard University performed an interesting study.  A group of men, selected from a nursing home, spent a week immersed in the culture of the previous twenty years.  For authenticity, no details were spared.  Everything from the technology to the newspapers to the posters on the walls resembled that period.

The men underwent a battery of cognitive and physical tests before and after the experiment.  In seven days, these men not only made dramatic improvements mentally but also physically.  When strangers were asked to guess their ages, everyone thought these men were younger than they were.

What does this experiment illustrate? 

It demonstrates how quickly and gracefully it is to accomplish our desires simply by shifting our thoughts and living in awareness.  By merely changing these men’s consciousness to believing that they were living twenty years earlier, their minds and bodies responded effortlessly, making them not only feel and appear younger but also agiler in mind.

What does it have to do with us?

It has everything to do with us.  We are not different.  The key is in what we believe and in what we tell ourselves.  Since our mind is wired to protect us, it does what we tell it to do.  The mind does not discriminate if we exaggerate, speak loosely, or firmly believe what we say.  Its job is to keep us from experiencing pain.

It is important to watch what we say for if we say something often enough, it becomes a belief.  Our beliefs then make us who we are.  We become what we believe.  That is because our mind does what it thinks we desire.  If you tell your mind what to do, it will do it.  If you say: I love this; I can’t wait to do it; I’m excited; or There is nowhere I would rather be, your mind will start believing you and help you by giving you more energy or motivation.  On the other hand, if you say: I’m panicking; I’m terrified; or This is hell, your mind will do whatever is necessary to remove you from the pain.

To reprogram yourself, say: I am choosing to say no, and I am choosing to feel great about not having it.  It is that easy.

Learning how to communicate with yourself is an important tool.  When you communicate with your mind in a precise, detailed, relevant manner that makes sense, your mind will help you to accomplish your goals.  Turn dialoguing with your mind into a habit.  What you are doing is instructing your mind on what is important.

Although it may seem far-fetched, your mind will believe it for its job is to move you towards pleasure. That is not positive thinking.  It is using language consciously so it can motivate you to accomplish your task.  Focus on where you want to go, change the words you use, and be very aware.  When you shift your attitude, you will wire your brain to be different.

Choose wisely; make great choices.  Live extraordinary.

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