It’s All in Your Head

How many times do we catch ourselves believing that all we have to do to succeed is put in the hours and the rest takes care of itself? Surely, others will notice how hard I’m working! They cannot help but see that I should be the one to be commended and heralded.

Unfortunately, that is not how it works. We need to believe we DESERVE what we desire. Yes, yes, I know. You’ve heard this a million times, but have you heeded this advice.

Unless you can FEEL and ACT as the person who you wish to become, you won’t create that experience in your life. You have to go after what you desire with alacrity.

Affirmations and training will only get you so far. If you wish to live the lifestyle you envision for yourself, BELIEVE it is possible. Shift your thoughts and view this goal as being easily attainable.


Our minds lie to us. We are accustomed to selling ourselves short; and, why not? Our conditioning goes back years. The worst part is we probably do not realize we are doing so.

A sure way to allay our phobias is to meet them head-on.  We need to let go of the familiar. Rather than focusing on fear which exacerbates that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach, we need to change our perception and think of it as excitement. Be enthusiastic and excited to proceed!  Cast fear to the wind!


Expect wonderful things to happen daily. Be GRATEFUL. APPRECIATE all that you currently have in your life. That includes the hardships. Don’t be aggrieved by the struggles or circumstances for they are valuable lessons. You will discover their hidden treasure in due course.

Do not obsess over what is “wrong” or what is lacking in your life. It is a time for introspection. Evaluate your thoughts. Listen and think with your heart. Your heart is the portal to your soul, to your Divine spark.  Apply your spiritual insights to your daily experiences. If you develop a relationship with the Divine Presence within you, life will no longer be a struggle. Your perceptions about your life, your circumstances, or what is missing will change.


Know that your dreams are manifesting even at this very moment. Have FAITH.  TRUST.  SURRENDER.  That is the change that is necessary for SUCCESS.

What it comes down to is: Are you willing to commit 100% and put in the tremendous effort it takes to pursue your dreams?

The method of achieving your goals is easy, but it is not effortless.  You receive by the effort you expend. Make it a regular practice to go within, to seek guidance, to apply the counsel received, to take the inspired action, and observe the results. You will find that the quality of your daily life regarding relationships with family, friends, co-workers, yourself, and humanity, in general, will improve. This spirituality will enable you to stay true to yourself.


Once you realize it is safe to let go of the old ways and open yourself to the new, you will see the futility of applying the same ideas to problems, as well as trying to fit the new emerging reality into old patterns or ways. That does not nor has ever worked.

Your success depends on recognizing the beliefs that are keeping you “small.” Rather than relying on your mind, step back and look within. The challenge lies in removing the distorted filters of long-established patterns of wounded feelings and emotions. You can quickly release these ingrained beliefs by acknowledging what is and inviting a new solution, one that mirrors your desire, to replace it.

As you allow your light to shine, people will evolve out of your life. That is not a reflection on you. Everyone has his or her purpose to follow. Concern yourself with you. When you model your gifts, you empower and encourage others to shine.

Be true to yourself. How can you find your authenticity? First, initiate and then consciously and consistently develop a relationship with your innermost self. Once you do, you will know your innermost being and, in turn, encounter the Divine Presence. That brings you to the zenith of your journey: spiritual development and self-love.


Being dependent on others for approval and support does not serve you. You need to become secure in yourself to RECEIVE.

See yourself in the highest possible light.  Feel unstoppable.  Believe in yourself.  Have faith in your abilities.  Use the power of the mind to your advantage. Your thoughts are images of your desires that already exist in the quantum realm.  Invite them into your life by feeling and living as if they already exist.  Choose, in each moment, how you would like your life to be.  When you master mirroring your thoughts with your emotions, then you will have achieved the art of instantaneous manifestation.

Shine brightly.  Live through your heart.

“The goal of healing is to unleash the unconditional love at the core of our being for ourselves and for others.” 

— Dr. Linda Howe

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