Truth – Reality – Perception

Four people are standing on separate corners watching a building burn while the firemen are attempting to put out the fire.  You approach each one individually to obtain the facts.  Each person tells you something different.  Who is telling the truth?

In essence, truth and reality are only matters of perception.

Take a moment; contemplate your life.  Regard your possessions, your relationships, your circumstances.  How closely do your beliefs about those things match what you see in your reality?

Think of the time when you were without them.  Can you remember your feelings when that relationship or those possessions were a mere inkling?  What truths did you believe about those objects?  How did your reality affect your intention?  If your perception had been different, would your life be the same today?

If, on the other hand, you are displeased with your experiences, then look to your views.  What “truths” do you believe about your reality?  Does your attitude match your desire?  If you are struggling with your goals, then check your perceptions.  Ponder which of your beliefs are in contradiction with your objectives.

To quote Einstein, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

So what can you do if everything is relative?  Shift your discernment.  What sensory experiences are you having about your environment?  Focus solely on those things which give you pleasure.  Operate from love rather than fear.  Negative emotions are an illusion.  Regard these “negative” experiences as a means by which your soul is letting you know that you are out of alignment with your innermost being—with your life’s purpose.

You are in the driver’s seat.  You can choose to switch your attention at any given moment and obtain the life you desire.  By changing your perception, you change your approach, which will, in turn, change your results.

Create your reality!  It’s your choice.  Live the life you love.

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