Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Everyone can be successful.  Everyone can achieve the seemingly unattainable.  It is within our power.

It is not hard, honestly.  We just make it hard.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you BELIEVED?  If you did, life as you know it would cease to exist.  Instead, you would be living the life of your dreams.

The key to getting what you desire is to use your emotions as your guidance system, like a GPS.  Once you do this, you will start viewing your emotions differently. There are no negative emotions.  Every emotion is a way to learn where you are in the present moment.  Your feelings will always tell you the truth about who you are.  It is the way your soul communicates when you are steering away from your life’s purpose or your truth.

When you are feeling sad, think of something that makes you feel better.  Always aim to feel better than you did a moment ago.  That keeps you matched to the frequency of your desires.  By staying aligned, life will flow smoothly and gracefully.

Nothing is impossible.  As long as what you want does not hurt anyone, everything is within your reach.

There are three key questions you should be asking yourself:

What do I want?

Why do I want it?

How do I want to feel?

The last question is crucial because it makes you tune into your feelings.  Since everything is energy, pure potentiality is all around us, ready to be harnessed.  Focus, determination, and attention to your emotions and desires places you on the right path of manifestation.

Let’s say you are leaving work a tad late for an event.  If you don’t arrive on time, you won’t be seated until after intermission (your why).  It is a perfect time to ask the Universe for help.  You desire to arrive on time, for the traffic to flow, for the green lights to be in your favor, and to find a parking space conveniently close to the appointment.   The reason or essence of your desire is to arrive on time, so you don’t have to wait until after intermission to find your seats.  As long as you are in your seats when you arrive, your wish is fulfilled, even if you are a few minutes late. That is why getting in touch with the essence of your goal is paramount.  It is the manifestation point.

I would like to leave you with the Stream Analogy by Abraham-Hicks to put everything into context.  If you have never heard of Abraham-Hicks, here is how Louise Hays and Dr. Wayne Dyer describe them:

Louise Hay calls them “some of the best teachers on the planet today.”

To Dr. Wayne Dyer they are “the great Masters of the Universe!”

I would love to hear your impressions.

“Imagine that you’ve taken your canoe down to the river’s edge and it is a fast moving stream, so you set your canoe in the water, you’ve your oars already in it, and now you deliberately turn your canoe upstream and begin paddling against the current.”

“…And we want to really get your attention, as we lovingly and knowingly say to you: nothing that you want is upstream.”

  “– when you are paddling upstream negative emotion is present, which means you are talking about what you don’t want, which means you are looking at what-is in relationship to what you want, and you are complaining about what-is.” 

“– when you are paddling upstream, all you have to do…is just stop paddling upstream.”  

“You don’t have to put a motor on a boat that’s on a fast moving river. The stream will take you. You don’t even have to turn your boat around, just stop paddling upstream, the STREAM will turn your boat around, you see.”  

“And this turning point is the thing we want you to leave here knowing, feeling in your belly, this turning point is the point of RELIEF. And the reason that we want you to focus on it so powerfully is because this turning point is enough…”

“If you just let go of the oars there would be no resistance.  But the fact that you are working so hard, to defend, to justify, to rationalize, to be right, to compare — all of that defending is holding you in resistance to the stream that’s going to take you anyway. And the faster your stream is moving, and the harder you are paddling upstream, then the more contradiction and the worse you feel and the sicker you are. “

“And if you feel good, then you are a match.  And if you feel bad then you are mismatched. And if you feel bad, you know what to do, let go of the oars. “


Asheville, NC – 10/22/06

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