Keeping Yourself from Your Desires

Do you find yourself continuously thinking about not seeing any results? Are you telling yourself that the visualizations, affirmations, and optimism have not furthered your manifestation?

Then, stop! Turn to your feelings. Begin paying attention to how you are feeling at the moment. How you feel now is what you will experience tomorrow.

You must look within for value but must look beyond for perspective. –Denis Waitley

Learn that it is not about feeling happy to attract what you desire. It is to create your next experience. Cease seeing it as a manifestation process.

When you feel joyful for its own sake, the universal principles present more and more opportunities and material assistance to create more happiness in your life. It is the law.

I know that is nothing new. OK, then, are you feeling it? Are you?

I was not, and I teach these principles. It is one thing to understand, know, and assimilate a concept. It is another to own it. My environment showed me I was incongruent with my desires. Something was off; I was!

I began embellishing my words and thoughts to describe the beauty of how something made me feel—not what it would give me. Manifesting became secondary. My feelings became my only purpose as I lived by my internal happiness. The more I tapped into it, the more I experienced it. Providence outdid itself every time demonstrating its abundance.

When I live by what brings my soul joy, my awareness of love’s presence magnifies. Beauty surrounds me. If my mood changes, I reflect on where I placed my attention, then deliberately return to joy. My feelings are my sole barometer.

I crossed the threshold when I felt in my heart, not understood or knew, that I AM an expression of God—as we all are. My heart cracked open, allowing the light to shine through and radiate love. That is when I found my internal happiness.

So, if your environment is not congruent with your dreams, then feel your way there. When your entire vibration changes, you become contagious. Your energy radiates towards everyone and everything, for you are using your feelings as indicators to create your next experience.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.

 –Marcus Aurelius

Stop keeping yourself from your desires.

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