Will You Trust?

Will you trust yourself enough to BE?

For many of us, we are so caught up in seeing ourselves as individuals, that we forget that there is a union of all things.

There is only ONE with an infinite number of expressions. Despite our individuality, our uniqueness, for there will never be another one like us, we are still a part of the Whole. We are one. There is no separation. Although that is hard to fathom, we, in fact, everything, is an expression of God.

“Oneness is the source of love. Real Love is the One celebrating itself as the two.” — Ram Dass

Indeed, Carl Sagan was correct: “we are made of star stuff.” Science has proven that the same elements (e.g., oxygen, carbon, nickel, iron, helium) that are at the core of a star exist in every life form on this planet—that includes us too. An ancient Indian text explains: You are not in the universe; the universe is within you. Science has demonstrated it is.

So, why do we feel separated? The fact is that we have forgotten that we are BEINGS, beings of light. We live as if we are only human. We are more than our physicality; we are our essence. We are energy.

“Our spirituality is a oneness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes…even with all that does not live and breathe.” —Mudrooroo Narogin

When we reconnect, when we awaken to that fact, our lives shift. Our limitations, constrictions, and old ways dissolve. Albert Einstein’s quote then takes a new meaning: Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it can only transfer or change from one form to another.

“As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. You’re not thinking about loving; you’re just being love, radiating like the sun.” —Ram Dass

As I followed David Ji’s prompt to sit with that principle for a moment, it dawned on me that Einstein’s law also applies to manifestation. What we desire to achieve is only changing one form into another. After all, when we wish to fulfill our dreams, we must elevate our vibration to close the gap that exists between what we do not have and what we desire. The narrowing of that gap then becomes changing energy from one form to another. We need to convert the denser frequency into a higher one.

Even though thoughts are vibrational, and thinking is creating, the energy already exists. What we are indeed doing is transforming its form. Moreover, when you truly understand how the life force works, your life will effortlessly shift from where you are to where you desire to be.

Ever since my husband’s passing, I have been called to trust, to unite to the Whole, to go home to the core of my soul. I have had many realizations to support that, but I share only three for they serve as a reminder to love what is, to celebrate life, as well as everyone and everything in it, and to listen to the inner whispers of your soul.

The first experience took place exactly one month after my husband transitioned. I was sitting in the garden enjoying its beauty when a calm washed over me. I remember the incident vividly because it was immediate and profound. I did not recognize it at that moment, but I came to a crossroads. I was led to challenge my perspectives and to embark on a different path of my evolutionary journey.

“Impermanent are all compounded things. When one perceives this with true insight, then one becomes detached from suffering. This is the path of purification.” — Buddha

What I also recognized was that, although I was alone, I did not feel lonely, much like I had during my teens when I was seeking someone to complete me. One of the definitions of alone is only; nothing else is necessary. That is how I felt precisely.

And yet, what was the most disturbing of all was the realization that if I had known that my husband would be taken from me so abruptly, I would have been more thoroughly present with him. I would not have let the little things irritate me. Those little irritations have now taken a new meaning. Oh, how I wish I could hear the loudness of the television in the other room, or see his clothes draped over the chair, or find a spoonful missing from the freshly-made flan. If I had known, I would have demonstrated how much I loved him more without taking for granted that he knew. Yes, I would have been more present for the present moment is all we have.

When we embrace the concept of Oneness, we infuse our whole day into our present moments, reminding us that we are merely a reflection of everything we see, hear, feel, and touch. In essence, we recognize that I am you and that you are me. If we but grasp the expansiveness within us, we begin to understand the impact we have on everyone and everything. We realize the ripple effect we have.

“What you give to others, you give to yourself equally. what you fail to give to others, you fail to give to yourself.” —Neale Donald Walsch

It is time for each of us to step into our power, to own our impact, to transform ourselves so we, in turn, change the world.

Do you feel the shift?

Will you trust?

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