A Stretch of the Imagination?

Do you believe that your consciousness, consciousness in general for that matter, can actively, physically change things?

Is it a stretch of the imagination for you?

Not only do we have the power to change situations by how we think about them, but also what we do creates changes for ourselves and others .

Suppose the next time you learn of a horrific incident that occurs, you envision the person or persons affected eventually understanding and recovering from their grief as you project joy upon them. Doing so compassionately, emits the vibration for those individuals to sometime in the future be able to come to terms with the catastrophe that befell them. Is that also a stretch of the imagination for you?

When you embrace the belief that your actions can never regress the past but can indeed regress your reaction, miracles happen for you will begin to operate from the expectation of benevolence.

Would you be willing to test the expectation of benevolence for two weeks?

The first

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