Opening to Receive

As I selected my theme word for this new year, a word to symbolize my lessons and growth, miracles seemed the best one to choose. However, to become a better receiver, while at the same time increase my level of fulfillment and abundance, I committed to a higher expression of gratitude.

Yes, I decided to continue with this soul lesson in 2018 for I have not mastered it. It is an important one; without this ability, I cannot access the blessings already on the way or in the future. I also must focus on the sufficiency of my life rather than the lack to harness the power of the universal law of Sufficiency and Abundance.

Why is it easier to give? Upon reflection, I recognized that giving is masculine energy; the giver is in control. The receiver, on the other hand, is vulnerable, exposed. Receiving is feminine energy. One cannot exist without the other. There must be a balance.

If you, as I do, deflect compliments rather than graciously accepting them, or feel that you need to give anyone who assists you twice as much, or downplay your accomplishments and success so as not to hurt someone’s feelings, then you too have difficulty receiving. Another sign that you are not a good receiver is declining to seek help because you must do everything on your own. When you perform any of those actions, you unconsciously block the flow of your life for it is related to how deserving you feel about yourself. Self-worth is the root of the problem.

As I carry this lesson into 2018, I am grateful and openly receive its wisdom. Throughout this year, I shall open-heartedly accept any assistance given even if I did not seek it for it is a gift. I shall graciously and lovingly receive such offers for they represent the experiences my soul desires for me to carry out my calling.

I am wholeheartedly opening to abundance in all forms as I become a better receiver. Without this quality, I would be hard-pressed to manifest my desires.

What a beautiful way for my soul to teach me this lesson of self-love and acceptance.

Where are you blocking the flow of abundance in your life because you are not feeling worthy?

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