All That I Am

Frequently, we get caught up in the day-to-day that we ignore the subtle signs we receive. It is not until the rug is pulled out from under us that we pay attention. When that happens, we wonder if the intensity was necessary.

Yes, it was. How else can we make the corrections to our personality that our soul wishes when our focus is elsewhere?

Let love be at the center of your attention.

That is what I experienced recently. As I recall from mythology, there were usually seven initiations before the god or goddess realized their strength or powers. I may have surpassed that number already.

Despite having undergone deep healing, my Divine Self knew there was still more that had to be uprooted to gain harmony and balance for we can never receive higher light until all the lower vibrational energy dissipates. With each experience, the pain or challenge intensifies. It has to for most of what needs to release has been ingrained for years, sometimes eons. We are eternal beings, after all.

Remember that everything in your life is there for one reason and one reason only: to offer you the opportunity to grow. ~Yehuda Berg

My soul illuminated my imperfections, which glared at me each time I faced the pure light of day. It did that so I would appreciate the beauty in imperfection. Perfectionism is something which has plagued me my entire life. I was forced to view things from a different perspective, to release what I had thought was my path, but, in reality, was only a stepping stone or tool to bring me to where I am now—to feel my truth and own it—to surrender.

Imperfections are what makes everyone who they are for it is what each one of us is here to correct to reconnect ourselves to the Light.

“What you see in others is the answer to what you need to be working on yourself.”

 ~ Yehuda Berg

I had to delve deep.

What emotion am I emitting that attracts this situation to me?

I stripped everything down, exposing the shell to break it open and reveal the naked truth. There was nothing left between me and the mirror except raw honesty. With eyes wide open, I saw myself for who I am, embracing ALL that I AM. That is what makes me unique.

“If you are not honest with yourself, you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to fix other people, even though they’re not the real problem.” ~Karen Berg

The first step in my spiritual transformation was to appreciate all that I am right now. The second is to be grateful for all that I have. The Kabbalists say fulfillment can only come when we spiritually or physically earn it. Furthermore, the amount of effort we put into something is directly proportional to the amount of joy we can experience from it. With renewed faith, strength, trust, and love, I am all I choose to be.

“Each time we resist negativity, we are reconnected to the Light and are rewarded with the ability to shine.” ~ Karen Berg

What signs are you missing? Which corrections are you overlooking?

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