Eyes Wide Open

How often do you question what you see? Alternatively, do you take things at face value?

Our perception colors our world. Everything we see is an illusion. We observe multiple objects at once. However, we focus on what matters. What we experience is a personal interpretation of the world for it passes through our mental filters. Since we do not view things objectively, we usually do not see the stark reality but a mental model, confirming our beliefs. That is why four individuals can experience the same circumstances or observe an incident, and each relates an entirely different account.

It is not what you look at that matters. It is what you see. – Henry David Thoreau

Fear distorts our world, making us believe the worst when we know it to be otherwise. It replaces reason with assumptions, often crippling us into inaction.

A message I received is struggling is a choice. Let that settle in your consciousness. Breathe into it — the moment you can accept and assimilate that concept, your life changes.

Our thoughts and beliefs not only create our reality but also who we are. If we embrace the fact that no person, place, or thing is the source of our abundance, we realize that the Divine within us is our infinite supply. Our life force, our breath, connects us to it.

We see scarcity in our lives because our immediate environment mimics our beliefs. When we get frustrated, whether it is a result of what someone says or does or our inability to achieve, it is because that emotion already exists within us. Having inner harmony allows us to remain neutral. Nothing can affect us if we do not let it.

Our imagination is the key to infinite possibilities. Our vision allows us to see with our mind’s eye. It provides purpose, guidance, and direction illustrating what we can accomplish. When we use our imagination, we form a vision of what we can expect to achieve.

How often do we employ our vision, not our sight?

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. – Helen Keller

When we are accountable for every moment, when we see beyond our fears, we silence our critic and harness our inner strength. Letting go of our excuses and assumptions permits us to look with eyes wide open. We open our hearts.

When we live from our hearts, bountiful blessings abound. We attain fulfillment and connection for we are living with purpose and meaning.

“Take care of the why, and the how will take care of itself.” – Georges St-Pierre

Are you living with eyes wide open?

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