Change is Upon You

We are in a paradigm shift. What we are experiencing has never been seen or felt. The shift is towards seeing ourselves as spiritual beings, towards the destruction of the illusion of the ego, towards returning home.

There is a tendency, however, to consider what we do not understand as negative when in reality the opposite is true. When a change occurs, it is never in a direct line. It is two steps forward, one step backward.

“What if the change you’re avoiding is the one
that brings you wings?” —Laurie W.

Each one of us is the creative life force of this planet. We are here to be catalysts, to shine, to touch the lives of others through our hearts, through our understanding just as we are here be to be touched by LOVE.

What are you doing with that responsibility?

What role are you playing to create a wondrous world?

I know you are willing and able to be the change you wish to see on this planet. If you live a balanced life by clearing the issues, the frustrations, the disappointments, as well as living and feeling healthy, you create joy for you and the planet. That is free choice for you are living in harmony with your truest values, your essence.

So, what is preventing you from being your true nature, pure love? Notice how everything you list is of your design. It is not controlled by anyone else. You are not a victim of this world. You are the creator of your universe–both the light and the dark.

“The first step towards change is awareness.
The second step is acceptance.” —Nathaniel Branden

No matter how difficult it is for us to see ourselves as the creators of darkness, that is the means by which we grow for those experiences provide valuable lessons. I know it is challenging for us to accept that we desired the breakup, being fired, or any other unpleasant experience. I would add that knowingly we do not, but, and this is where the lesson evolves, our higher selves did.

As a being of light, you are a powerful creator. In other words, you are solely responsible for your life. What you intend is being created. Intentions originate in the heart, not the mind. Your heart by creating a field around your body is the first to ignite the energy. Your intention is that force of activity. Therefore, keep love at the forefront of your energy and your equanimity at the foundation of your creation.

“You change your life by changing your heart.”
—Max Lucado

Are you in tune with your heart? Breathe into your heart daily. During any moment of indecision, ask yourself: How would LOVE act?

Celebrate your life daily. Believe. Trust. Trust that you will know how to live. Trust those around you for they are your creation.

You are born magnificent. You came from the Creator. God is inside every one of us. Compassion, benevolence, and pure love are the essence of LOVE. God is your best friend because Spirit is never separate from you. Everything else is of our making.

Give the light a chance. Nothing is the same. The conditions have changed. The environment of what you tried before has changed. Your body, the planet is listening in a new way. Try again.

“We all have a beautiful light within…We just sometimes forget it is there.” —John Holland

Get out of fear. Trust your intuition. You have wisdom. Feel peace in your heart regarding what is happening on the planet. Throw out the old and shift in the consciousness of what you indeed are intending.

To do so, think of the best things that ever happened to you. That is the beginning of creation for you start recognizing what is undesirable.

The more magnificence you can remember about yourself the easier it will be to resolve ailments, establish self-healing, self-worth, as well as changes in attitude and body. Promote benevolence, light, and positive thought.

Remember the worthiness of being here. You have a divine purpose to fulfill. Celebrate your life and each other’s joy. Embrace the change you are here to instill. Begin within and radiate outwards.

Change is upon you.

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