Just Being

Do you enjoy the sunshine, the smell of the earth after a rainfall, or admire the skyscrapers as you go about your day, or are you mentally reviewing your interminable to do list? Do you enjoy your meals, or are you continuously scrolling through your text messages to not miss anything?

How often are you just being?

“To attain knowledge, add things every day.
“To attain wisdom, remove things every day.”
—Lao Tzu

We are so enamored with our technological gadgets that we have forgotten how to BE. There is nothing like resolving a problem or finding an answer quickly merely by pulling out a smartphone or other digital device. However, it does not compare to the feeling or experience of real wisdom—when our inner voice guides, inspires and steers us towards our highest good.

Information has become our master; it keeps us endlessly engaged in either buying, selling, or performing. By constantly doing, we are unable to hear that inner voice for we are too busy to listen.

I am just as guilty. The other night, as I enjoyed the garden basked in the twilight, I could not remember the last time I gazed at the stars and let my imagination run wild. There is too much busyness in my life.

“Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.”
—Lao Tse Tung

When we allow ourselves to be and take a few minutes to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee or a hot cup of tea, we can hear the “voice that speaks without words.” Nothing compares to that certainty that results from being in communion with our inner-guidance system. When we connect with our essence, the answers arrive solely by posing the question. It is a pure form of consciousness, a KNOWING, which only comes in the stillness. When we hear the solution we seek, it leaves us feeling peaceful and balanced, radiating love for we have tapped into our divinity.

“Only one thing is of absolute importance and that is your connectedness with being.”
—Eckhart Tolle

What if instead of listening to the messages that abound of scarcity and lack, we notice the displays of abundance and love that surround us—the smile of a stranger, the hug of a child, the plentiful produce in the market, the string of green lights on the way home. When we cultivate awareness in the present moment and remain open to the myriad opportunities available to us, we awaken the power within us to achieve our dreams effortlessly. As we appreciate and acknowledge these blessings, while allowing ourselves to be sincerely grateful, a multitude of gifts begins to appear throughout the day and in the coming weeks. By just being, we invite abundance and clarity into our lives for we are in tune with the Infinite. Being allows us to explore what we desire in this lifetime.

Let your heart and soul speak to you. Listen. Are you just being?

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