Doubt Supplanted by Faith

Never, and I mean never, allow anyone else’s ideas of who you can or can’t become sully your dream or pollute your imagination. This is your territory, and a KEEP OUT sign is a great thing to erect at all entrances to your imagination.

Stay in a state of grace and gratitude for this resplendent gift that is always yours to do with as you choose.

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

As a young boy in a foster home, I almost always ignored other people’s ideas about what I should be thinking or doing—I simply was indifferent to their opinions regarding what I could imagine for myself. I have carried this kind of inner discipline regarding my own imagination with clarity, refusing to allow external opinions to cancel or diminish what for me was hallowed ground.

TRUST, trust in yourself—that is the foundation of success for you need to have unwavering faith in your dreams even if others think you are being unrealistic. No one knows what is best for you but you.

If you want to find a deeper meaning in your life, you won’t find it in the opinions or the beliefs that have been handed to you. Rather than trying to be what everyone else expects you to be, live your life by your own rules to be happy and find inner peace.

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Forego self-doubt and supplant it with faith. You have everything within you at this very moment to attain your dreams. All you need to do is stay focused, listen to your inner voice, and be accountable for your actions.

You are the creator of your reality. Your feelings, thoughts, words, and expressions create that which you see in your life. If you desire to change your external circumstances, first look within for your surroundings are a reflection of your inner feelings. It is all about resonance. Whenever we think or wish for something with emotion, we send out a vibration, much like a radio wave, that merges with a similar vibration. The stronger the emotion is, the stronger the attraction, and the quicker its manifestation.

What I cannot stress enough is the importance of opening the communication with your higher self, your soul. Once you do, all doubt ceases. You tap into your inner wisdom, achieve inner peace, and find happiness just in being without needing to know why. How do you do this? All you need to do is set the intention to do so. Take

Your imagination is your own fertile field for growing any seedlings that you choose to plant for a future harvest.

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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